The Assemblist Letter 06 - The Great Outdoors @ Brand Assembly LA

As this season's trade-show comes to a close, I wanted to share how our team of in-house and freelance creatives came together to decide on the details for Brand Assembly LA.

Together, we came up with a garden-inspired theme for the trade-show. The space itself is absolutely gorgeous, and filled with natural light so you feel like you're outside already! Taking a nod from our marketing campaign (which featured bikes and fun colors) we wanted the atmosphere to be fun and inviting. With elements including astroturf and park benches we also wanted it be reminiscent of the season. We're hoping that the lounge area featuring a taco station from Diablo's Tacos and our (first time ever) open bar added to this.

One of my favorite aspects of the show included the center space which featured our emerging designer section. In an effort to make these brands front and center, I hope our buyers really took advantage of the amazing emerging and established talent that came to show their collections.

Reflecting on this season and as we move forward, we'll definitely keep the overall same clean aesthetic throughout the show, so that everyone is really on the same playing field. No matter the season we always want to inject a bit of our character into the show and that really speaks to our affinity for the show's park theme. Again, we are all about having fun and creating a place that invites a relaxing atmosphere. Until next season...

- HILLARY FRANCE, co-Founder and CEO of brand assembly