The Assemblist Letter 07 - Community and Contemporary Fashion

Production Showroom's Tracey Moulton and Brand Assembly's Hillary France - ILLUSTRATIONS BY LILY QIAN FOR THE ASSEMBLIST

On Monday we kicked off the week with an inspiring press preview event in partnership with Production Showroom.

What excites me the most about this partnership, is that Tracey the founder, has the same kind of passion for emerging talent  as we do. Brand Assembly is very sales-focused and Production Showroom caters to stylists and press, so it's a natural synergy and a great complement to Brand Assembly. Infusing our individual expertise and after further reflecting on the event, here is my shortlist for emerging designers to have a successful press event: 

Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself: 

While many designers maybe shy, it's really important to keep the conversation flowing. Talk about your beginning, creative inspiration and how many seasons you’ve been in business. These details really create engaging conversation.

Presentation and Editing is everything: 

Editors are typically open to seeing everything, and buyers are much more focused and tailor their shopping to their customer-base. But generally it's important to be smart about the pieces you want to feature - have what you stand for front and center.

Inventive Follow-Up:

Editors get many emails and thank you messages, so it’s greatly appreciated when there is inventive, creative ways to thank them or a sincere gesture. 

We hope this partnership with with Production Showroom shows just how much community means to us. We love to collaborate with forward-thinking and like-minded people that really want to see the emerging designer community flourish. So in continuation of this, we wanted to share a small interview with Tracey who was kind enough to share more of her story, what community means to her and the long-term goals of Production Showroom. Check it out below!

- Hillary France, Co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

Talk to us about the inception of Production Showroom and how has the concept and company evolved since the initial launch? 

The idea for Production Showroom came while I was working as a stylist and costume designer. Often juggling multiple projects, I was constantly downloading, taking screen shots, and not to mention the endless emailing. I wanted to build a site that streamlined the process, where you could browse for pieces and request all in one place.  It began as a tool to help simplify the pulling process and has evolved into an amazing platform for emerging designers and stylist collaborations.

We have created a platform that offers an alternative to more traditional PR models, and highlights independent emerging talent. The brands on the site are thoughtfully curated, and easily accessible, which offers editors and stylists an efficient new way to find amazing product for their clients and stories.

What excites you the most about Brand Assembly and what do you hope to cultivate through this partnership?

Upon meeting Hillary and the Brand Assembly team, I knew we would be a perfect fit. Their commitment to supporting emerging designers and offering them the tools to grow in all aspects of the business is something that is lacking in the traditional system. Their creative approach and welcoming environment is the perfect place for new brands to launch and established brands to continue to grow - not to mention they have this great new space in NYC. I could hang out there all day!

With such similar ideas and aesthetics, it has been so fun - not only sharing new brand discoveries - but collaborating with them on events like our press day here at their headquarters. I hope that we can continue to be another resource for the Brand Assembly family of brands who are seeking alternatives to traditional PR.

Inside the Brand Assembly Square

What conversation do you hope to cultivate between stylists/editors and the participating brands?

I love that we can offer a space where designers and stylists/editors can talk directly without a middleman. It allows them both a space to collaborate without barriers. We want to serve as the ultimate fashion matchmakers, connecting the product with the creator, giving the brand the exposure it needs to grow. While also creating a go-to-space for editors/stylists to discover new talent.

What do you assemble daily? 

Community! I love nothing more then getting to connect with the designers on our site, and hear where they are in their process, and where they want to go. I want all the designers on the PS platform to feel like they are a part of supportive, like minded group of creative people that they can rely on for all aspects of their business. Some of them have become friends through the site, and have dinner to talk biz, that makes me so happy!

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