Say Hello To Heidi Merrick

This month we really got to rediscover our love of Los Angeles and all of what the contemporary fashion community has to offer.

From our seasonal trade show to our studio visit with Beckley, we found ourselves genuinely excited about the talent coming out of this bustling city. Enter Heidi Merrick, a budding style authority and bonafide California dreamer and in this case, doer. We're excited to share our next interview in our collaborative series with The Style Line featuring Heidi's story and a glimpse into her design studio. Check it out below and discover an additional part of the interview on The Style Line.

Please introduce yourself!

Ok! I talk to people, I like people and I want to understand and wander in the deep things of the world with people. I'm a surfer from Carpinteria and I haven't found a place I'd rather be than there, on the beach. I consider myself an accomplished gardener and an amateur cook. I don't play the piano nor do I speak French but I practice them everyday. I've got a daughter and son - Hiver and Alfie - who amplify everything that's good in the world. Art and culture, surfing and adventure - it all seems more wonderful with them. We live in Silverlake with my kind husband, Johnny Johnston, and to be perfectly frank, we are happy!

Who do you feel best embodies the Heidi Merrick woman and how would you describe her day-in-the-life?

I think the Heidi Merrick woman is a westerner in the way she loves freedom and the outdoors but she builds life and sophistication into her own world. She is naturally romantic and open to laughing.

What are three of your neighborhood go-to’s that inspire your style and design aesthetic? 

The Silverlake Resevoir, the Raven Yoga and Taco's Delta.

How has being part of the Brand Assembly community inspired your work or contributed to the evolution of your business?

Well, it's a beautiful line-up of designers and it's always inspiring to see you are not alone but part of something bigger.

What do you assemble daily?

There is a femininity to the very idea of dressing. I love a simple silhouette, clean lines, and being monochromatic but all of it must have that life that comes into a woman's eyes when she feels beautiful. So, I'd say, I'm building on beauty. The beauty she already possesses.