The Assemblist Letter 11 - Hillary's Holiday Wishlist

I’m a total ham for the holidays - this is when I feel the most in my element!

For starters, I love going and actually picking out a Christmas tree (from actually cutting it down to decorating!) and the works. My family and I go to a tree farm near Rhinebeck, New York - chestnuts are roasting and it feels almost like an event or close gathering. My family has been collecting ornaments since we were born and  each year we’ve always added an ornament that really symbolizes what happened that year or an important event. It's always so fun to look back on. In terms of food and actual holiday dinners I’m not a huge chef so we always go out. We always research interesting places to go if that counts! 

Personally the holidays are a time for someone to really pull out their best, dress up and we really see a little bit more of their style. Everybody loves a chance to dress up, right? This time of year really allows for you to go outside your comfort zone which is fun to see from people. In the spirit of this approach to style here are a few items that are currently on my list:

Shop: VEDA BFF Leather Jacket $1,320Lindsey Thornburg + Pendleton Ceremonial Stripe Trench Cloak $1,300PJ LUXE Salvage Festive Flannel PJ set $64Michele Varian Elk Porcelain Trophy Head $182,

Professionally, the fashion and sales and what is generated during this time is really important to any company, whether it’s a department store or an emerging designer. There’s so much volume that goes out during the holidays, it really is the litmus test economically, and really represents how the fashion industry is generally doing. So this season at Brand Assembly we’re excited to celebrate the holidays with our community. We’re kicking off the season by hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner for all of our Brand Assembly Square members and we also want to do a holiday dinner for some editors and designers to all get together. All-in-all we really we want to be able to have that sense of community.

We’re excited to get the Brand Assembly community in a festive spirit and hope you stick around for the holiday fun!

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

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