The Assemblist Letter 12 - Brand Assembly Gives Thanks

As we reflect on a busy, inspiring and successful Fall season, we can’t help but share our gratitude for all those within our community who have helped make our dreams into a reality. We also caught up with a few of our emerging designers who shared what they’re thankful for along with a few of their anticipated holiday plans. Enjoy the below and from our community to you, today we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! 

Brand Assembly

“I am thankful for working in a creative environment with a gracious team that allows me to explore my interests and get my hands in a lot of creative projects. Personally, I am grateful for having made it through 2015, which was a turbulent and dynamic year, it offered a lot of different experiences but really boosted me up my latter!” - Adam Eisenhut, Show Assemblist

“I’m thankful for being given the opportunity to have our own company and be able to kind of clear a path, hopefully down the road, for emerging designers to get their product out there a little bit more and to have this platform. I’m extremely grateful to be able to do this as my job on a daily basis, it’s amazing! There’s nothing like working for yourself or with somebody who shares a passion to do what you’re doing. I’m obviously thankful for my parents, they’ve definitely given me the drive that has propelled us in being able to do this. They will actually be visiting the Brand Assembly Square for the first time today which will be so cool!" - Hillary France, co-founder and CEO

"I’m thankful for Hillary because without her none of this would exist. She is the driving force of Brand Assembly and I think that a lot of the people that we work with owe their ability to continue to work and succeed because of her efforts. I’m thankful for my kids who are growing up and charting their own maps, in spite of me!" - Alex Repola co-founder

“Personally I’m thankful for in general, my work here, my team, my family, my friends - every single day. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today!” - Lindsey Ward, Operations Coordinator

“I’m thankful for my friends and my family and the experiences that this year has taught me. My travel, getting to meet new people as well as coming to a new city and working here at Brand Assembly! I’m meeting new people, creative minds and driven people and I’m thankful to surround myself everyday with all of that.” - Gabriella Garza, Managed Services Manager

“For me, I’m coming from Europe and to be here at Brand Assembly is an amazing opportunity. I’m so thankful for that. They are a small company but are doing so many projects and I have a chance to get my hands on them and to experience all of these things it’s pretty amazing for me! Personally, I think in my life I’ve been so lucky to come here, to previously live in Paris and it seems that everything is getting on the right path for me. I am so thankful to do what I love to do and do it in such an amazing environment!" - Liene Krekovska, Intern


What is one question you wish people asked you about the holidays? 

"Who and what are you most thankful for?"

What are you thankful for both personally and professionally?

Thanks for asking! Professionally, I am thankful I get to work with my creative partner and husband, Parker. We have had an exciting year.  Personally, I am thankful for the health and safety of my friends and family.

Whitney's Go-To Holiday Look:

I'm loving plaid again. I will be wearing our Lulu dress a lot this fall. I plan to wear it over a black tight turtleneck with tights and my favorite pointy mules from Chloe. Topped off with red lips and a big cuff bracelet. 



What is one question you wish people asked you about the holiday’s more often?

"What do you want this year?"

What are you thankful for both personally and professionIally?

Friends and collaborators!

Samantha's Go-To Holiday Look:

The Passion dress sums up the holidays in so many ways! 


What is one question you wish people asked you about the holiday’s more often?

"Wanna sneak out of this holiday party to go watch Christmas Vacation?"

What are you thankful for both personally and professionally?

I'm immensely, overwhelmingly, makes me tear up thinking about it, thankful for all of the support and love my friends have tossed my way. From random texts to say they love what I'm doing with MART, to spreading the word about the brand, it's something special and something for which I cannot express thanks enough. To have the people you love and admire the most boost you up is no small thing. 

Martha's Go-To Holiday Look:

I'm dying to wear the suede Sloan Dress from Fall this holiday season. It captures everything MART is build around, high design rooted in playful fun; prancing around in pink suede makes you feel slightly like Mrs. Claus' hipper, younger sister.  

Share what you're thankful for with us in the comments below or on social media! @brandassembly