The Assemblist Letter 15 - Assembling Off-Duty

I bought a house upstate near Rhinebeck last November, and this past year I’ve been going up there just about every weekend or any moment that I can get.

Ever since I moved to the city I knew I needed a place on the weekends to have peace and quiet. I am an adventurer but I also like routine, which is perfect for me. So when not at the Brand Assembly Square you’ll find me on my porch in the morning drinking tea and looking at nature. My ideal off-duty day typically would be sitting, reading a magazine and reflecting while wearing a cozy sweater, jeans and flat shoes!

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Even though the holidays are approaching, I’m still learning how to achieve a work/life balance - but I do think that the time that I have to recharge really gets me motivated for the next week or day! Here are a few tips I would suggest for any entrepreneur looking to find this balance during the holiday season:

Learn to Delegate 

Make sure that you’re passing off as much work as possible, not only for yourself but for your team so that they can learn.

What’s the Rush?

You don’t necessarily have to answer someone right away, which I typically feel like I have to so I don’t miss the message!

Find A Quiet Place

Make sure you have enough space to reflect and recharge.

This year since I’ve been fortunate to have a great escape and it has truly benefited my work because I’ve been able to getaway... I hope you can say the same!

Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly