The Style of Scent with Leilani Bishop

In harnessing the modern definition of femininity with the power of fragrance, model and entrepreneur Leilani Bishop

has been able to seamlessly blend her passions, experiences and appreciation for scent to create her namesake brand. Enter Leilani Bishop Fragrance Oils, which includes three of Leilani’s go-to single note fragrances that are reminiscent of her upbringing. With a belief in allowing scent to become a part of a woman’s personal style and unique sense of femininity, we were interested to learn more about Leilani’s take on the synergy between beauty’s role in a contemporary lifestyle; along with how her passions have translated into a successful business. Discover our interview with Leilani below, along with a few photos captured at the Brand Assembly Square. Also be sure to head over to The Style Line for an exclusive second part of the interview and even more of a glimpse into Leilani’s personal style.

How has being an entrepreneur in this space helped you celebrate personal style?

I love this question, especially coming from being a model for so long. I feel like I now have an obligation to REALLY know myself and my style and I love having permission to spend time in that arena, really diving in to my own style and how that influences the brand.

Based on your professional experience, what are three tools every budding wellness/beauty/fashion designer or entrepreneur should have under their belt?

People Skills: As an entrepreneur I have found that utilizing and expanding your network is imperative to growth, especially as your company grows you will need to find people that can help and point you in the right directions.    

Resilience: For every yes there is at least three no's. For every rock you turn over, every fourth one will lead you in the direction you want to go.

Confidence: This is your idea and if you believe in it everyone else will, but no one else will make you believe in it.

What are the biggest parallels you’ve seen between your experience in modeling and in building a wellness company? What skills have you learned that can apply to both industries/endeavors?

In modeling, not many people realize it but you are essentially self-employed, so very early on you are learning to run your business when it comes to finances and building your relationships and longevity. I think modeling gave me a thick skin and sense of self, as well as constantly meeting new people and traveling have all made me adaptable to change, which happens often in business.

What are a few of your favorite (general) holiday scents and do you have any go-to beauty rituals for this time of year?

I love the smell of the holidays, especially the pine and fires burning, it reminds me of a cabin in the mountains. I do a lot of yoga as a cleansing of the year I am leaving behind, and a preparation of the year to come. Steaming and saunas are also a big part of my winter regime.

What do you assemble daily? 

I am always looking to be comfortable in my clothes, meaning that no matter what the “LOOK” is that I feel effortless in the outfit, it is a constant exploration as I am always changing daily what my look will be.    

How would you characterize the contemporary beauty/wellness community and how has it evolved since you first launched LBF?    

I would characterize the community as intelligent and creative - there is a lot of fun exploration these days in wellness and beauty and you see that in the great products and services coming our way. I think a lot of us are finally being able to merge packaging and product in ways that was never the norm before. I definitely see a surge in small beauty brands and support in the marketplace for them in a way that was still new when I launched LBF.

Is there any one scent or product that embodies the essence of the LBF collection?

I LOVE them all so much it is hard to put one on a pedestal. I think my customers definitely identify with the PIKAKE the most, as I am from Hawaii and my story starts there and does not wander far...     

How has your definition of femininity changed over the years and how do you hope to see it evolve?

Growing up on an island I feel both very feminine, and also at times masculine as I grew up hiking and swimming and being very physical. I think there is a true magic to living in femininity. As I age, I aspire to live a more feminine lifestyle, which I find a quiet power in and I am really enjoying.