Inside The Studio with Nikki Chasin

In the second installment of our story series with The Style Line we decided to a pay a visit to budding talent Nikki Chasin and check in on her namesake label! 

Nikki's dedication to design and work ethic really speak to the Brand Assembly community so we chatted with her about what role community has played in her brand, along with what she's assembling daily. Take a tour of her studio and check out an additional part of our interview on The Style Line.

Please introduce yourself! 

Running a fashion company that is still in it’s early stages is a full time job- when I’m not working, I’m definitely mentally jotting to-do lists. Outside of that, I like to travel as much as possible, spend time with friends and family, and catch up on art exhibits and movies.

What importance does community hold in your personal and professional life and speaking more to this, what has been the most positive aspect of being a part of the Brand Assembly community?

Community is essential to my personal and professional life, and it has become even more so since I started my line. I rely heavily on my close friends from Parsons for design and styling advice, the professional community that I have become a part of since starting my line is endlessly helpful. The fashion world in New York is a small one, and Brand Assembly only helps further the professional connections and exposure for Nikki Chasin.

What do you assemble daily?

Organizational systems! 

What do you hope Nikki Chasin as a label contributes to the overarching fashion community and industry?

My goal as a designer is always to make women feel like they’re truly expressing themselves. My customer appreciates color, texture, and statement pieces grounded with thoughtful core elements. 

How would you characterize the Nikki Chasin community?

Smart, independent, funny, timeless. 

What is your favorite element about fashion and what advice do you have for those looking to stay true to their art and values?

Fashion gives me the ability to articulate who I am and how I feel without saying a word. My advice would be to trust your instincts and have patience. 

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