Artfully Assembling at New York Fashion Week

As another season of new york fashion week comes to a close we always find ourselves catching our breath and taking AN EVEN closer look at each collection.

What's even more exciting for us is the opportunity to see the designs in a whole new light! Earlier this year we met fashion illustrator Lily Qian, who we later collaborated with at our Lord & Taylor preview event in celebration of #TheNewClass. We've kept a close eye on her work since, and recently asked her to reimagine the runway this season at New York Fashion Week.

Today we're excited to share her illustrations at both KEMPNER and Jay Godfrey. We hope you're equally excited to discover a new perspective of their swoon-worthy Spring collections through the lens of an artist.

What do you love most about these collections? Let us know in the comments below! 

Visit KEMPNER and Jay Godfrey for the latest news and also be sure to check out a few real-time highlights @brandassembly for more of our experiences this week.