The Assemblist's Guide To A Successful Market Week

Market week is really about connecting (with) everybody which again plays into that sense of community we're trying to build here at Brand Assembly.

It's also nice to catch up with people I haven't seen for so long and having a space for them to come. Yesterday in fact, the SCOOP Fashion Director came by and soon enough was found just hanging out with one of our tenants and enjoying the space. I love meeting all of the buyers and seeing the brands sell their products. When that connection is made, it's nothing sort of exciting! 

We know that buyers have to consider the technical questions when approaching new brands including: Where do you produce? Can you produce in time? Yet when it comes down to it, I personally believe that for buyers to ask about a brand's story can add so much more value. You become so much more engaged in the clothes and the person, especially in the case of emerging designers. Our community of Brand Assembly designers have so many stories to tell: Martha at MART used to be a designer at Chris Benz and we have someone who used to be a planner at Milly who is now launching her own line. On the other end of the spectrum, brands should find an opportunity to ask buyers the honest question: What's selling? It's important for them to be educated when they're pitching a buyer and to know the back-story. That's always valuable advice as you're building your collection at any stage. 

We've really curated the Brand Assembly Square so there is no direct competition. Having the brands we work with come up to me and share their news and progress and generally seeing some of the successes that come out of the week is so gratifying. To have buyers come into the space and discover something new and feel genuine excitement about it is also our ultimate goal and an amazing opportunity for them personally. Generally, market week is really an opportunity for buyers to see something that they might not have had the chance to otherwise. It's our hope that when they come here for the first time, they'll know for the future, that this is a place built on discovery. While they may not initially be looking to discover new designers, we hope they feel enticed to spend time here and check out everyone in one unified setting, for a totally well-rounded market experience. 

- HILLARY FRANCE, co-founder of Brand Assembly


Always Be Prepared:  For brands, I would always suggest knowing the basics: The price of your collection to your line-sheets, to look-books, make sure you always have all of the necessary assets.

Keep an Open Mind: For buyers, make sure to stay open to seeing something new and seeing it as an opportunity! Personally coming from a place of wanting to promote emerging designers, we want to encourage everyone to make sure to see what's out there. There is so much talent that can perform and it's important to know that there is still a consumer out there who is interested in new and emerging designers.

Know Your Audience: For brands, really try to know your target stores and do your research! If you're a dress collection and a denim store comes in, make sure to consider the benefits for those on both sides before approaching them.

Have Fun: Finally for everyone - This week can be can be so stressful for a lot of people, but at the end of the day it's clothing and it's creativity...What's not to love about that?

Follow our market week adventures at the Brand Assembly Square through September 25th and stay tuned as we prepare for our LA show in October!