The Assemblist's Definition: Contemporary Fashion

I'll preface this letter with the following: I love contemporary fashion.

It's accessible and nowadays people are having a lot more fun with the design aspect itself. A couple of years ago, post-recession, it was all about dark leather jackets and leggings and things like that. Now, contemporary fashion is fun, light and fresh. There are many designers in this space who are doing such good work and they're all open to collaborating and being in the same space together. In essence, contemporary fashion itself is all about not being afraid to have your own personal style. 

I also think it's reflective of the times. People are now a lot more optimistic and obviously with all that's going on, people are expressing themselves a lot more - especially in fashion. People are being more creative with what they wear on a day-to-day basis which is exciting. Gone are the days of suits and the usual uniform.

A few of my favorite contemporary designers include Maria from WOODROW, whose aesthetic is so fresh and age-appropriate for who she's designing for. One of my personal current favorites is MART by Martha Fogarty - she has such a fun approach, which I completely gravitate to, that advocates for having fun about what you're wearing. I also love Elle Sasson - she's naturally beautiful and has great shapes and denim in her collections. Finally, there's the LA-based brand Korovilas who makes the most incredible and intricate pieces. 

Younger contemporary fashion designers are also tying themselves to where they grew up or where they're living. From places like New York to Los Angeles and upcoming cities like Detroit and Nashville, having these areas support local businesses and having local style is very much a part of this movement. With this in mind, it's also so important for this new class of talent to not lose the optimism that has gone into the creation of their collections.

Fashion can be a very tough industry to be noticed and to be picked up, but here at Brand Assembly we've been addressing that stores are very open to finding new talent. It's not about the big shots so much as it's really about finding what you love. If this is reflected in a designer's collections, a buyer will gravitate to that. So for all of the designers reading this, I would advise hunkering down and getting ready for a couple of seasons of up's and down's! When all is said and done, fashion is a fun industry to be in and that really has to be reflected in a designer's work.

Contemporary fashion is allowing for a lot of new opportunities for young fashion designers who are just out of college and for the general millennial sector who have a different approach to their daily life. They're fearless in approaching doing their own line and simply getting it out there, which is why we have such an amazing crop of new and emerging designers.

Young designers are making contemporary fashion what it is and making it relevant. I can't think of anything more EXCITING than that.


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