Style Assembly featuring Alyssa Coscarelli

As a part of our ongoing story series with The Style Line we're thrilled to share a fun office-warming surprise courtesy of The Sill and Refinery29's Alyssa Coscarelli! Earlier this week they stopped by the Brand Assembly Square with a few lively treasures and an appetite for contemporary fashion.

Three plants and four outfit-changes later, we had so much we wanted to ask Alyssa ranging from her perspective on contemporary fashion, to transitional style to what she's assembling daily. Check out the full interview below and head over to The Style Line for a glimpse into their morning at The Sill and the first look Alyssa styled from one of our designer's collections.

Please introduce yourself!

Hi I'm Alyssa Coscarelli and I'm a fashion market writer at Refinery29, obsessive Instagrammer, and brunch devotee.

Talk to us about prints - what are a few of your favorites and how do you incorporate them in your everyday style? 

I'm addicted to stripes. It's kind of a problem. I even have a whole section in my closet devoted to striped shirts — long sleeve, short sleeve, crop top, turtleneck, you name it. They're the easiest things to throw on when you don't feel like getting dressed but still want to look chic (I even wrote about them here), and also make a great layering piece under dresses, jackets, and sweaters. And back to the '70s trends I've been into the past few months, I love prints or florals that feel sort of retro or vintage — I've been wearing this matching set like crazy.

Talk to us about contemporary fashion - why do you think it’s important to the industry as a whole and what excites you the most about it?

Contemporary fashion is the perfect happy medium in the industry — it's not fast fashion, but it's not super high-end luxury either. There are constantly so many amazing designers emerging in the contemporary space, I can hardly keep up! Every time I visit places like Brand Assembly Square, I'm blown away by all of the creativity and truly special labels that are making amazing and inspiring product. So many of them are super underrated and unfortunately the spotlight gets shed on big, widely-known brands instead of these super cool smaller contemporary brands.

What are your are a few of your go-to’s for office/house-warming gifts?

Plants are my favorite thing to give as a gift for housewarming, office-warming, birthdays, or even just a random surprise for someone. It's amazing how much a little succulent can totally brighten someone's day. And, every office needs some greenery in pretty pots like these from The Sill!

What do you assemble daily? 

I think we're all assembling and building our personal, inner libraries of ideas and inspiration in our daily lives, no matter how much changes — at least I am. In anything, writing or fashion or a generally creative field, it's so important to be observant of what's happening around you, and of course in media, too, and taking mental note of what stands out.