Assembly Line: An Updated Look at the Brand Assembly Square

We couldn't be more thrilled to end September on a high note with a successful market season and fully furnished space!

Nestled in the heart of The Flatiron District and overlooking a bustling 6th Avenue, the Brand Assembly Square provides contemporary designers with a nurturing space to flourish and get things done. We attribute much of our interior success to each of our designer's individual contributions in making each area and office uniquely their own. You'll also find our co-founder and Chief Curator Hillary's affinity for muted pastels and our signature blue throughout the BASQ as well! Let's not forget the amazing surprise from The Sill, who helped adorn the little nooks and crannies with some much-needed foliage for Fall. 

As we continue refining our interior set-up, we're also incredibly excited to have the space become available for multi-purpose use and transform for the many events and previews we have in the works. There's much more to come this season, and we can't wait for you to experience what we're assembling daily. Until then...

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