The Assemblist Letter 04 - Establishing A Style Uniform

Establishing a uniform is important because it's a way for someone to have their style voice and perspective.

Whether that is wearing a white shirt and black tapered pants all day long, or having a bohemian appeal - a uniform to me simply means expressing your personal style. Based on what I've seen within the Brand Assembly community, the wide-leg pant and the midi skirt are still huge go-to's for a lot of contemporary designers for the sake of comfort.

But in terms of my style I can say without any doubt that I'm not afraid to try anything new! So I would say my uniform from season-to-season revolves around trying new shapes, playing on prints and feeding my obsession for very avant-garde shoes. I wear jeans often and I always feel that shoes are the best accessory to spruce up an outfit! 

When we're talking about Fall fashion, my favorite thing as a knitwear fan in general, are sweaters. I'm really excited about interesting hand-knits and being nice and cozy but still having a statement piece. Anything like wraps and Pendleton-type stuff is what I really gravitate towards for Fall. Funnily enough, I would also say that I am less sartorially adventurous in Fall and stick to a pretty solid uniform than I normally am in the warmer seasons like Spring.

But when I pack for our (upcoming!) LA trade-show, it's a different story... I'm only there for a week but have a style formula for every occasion. The first couple of days we're setting up, so you'll find me in jeans, a casual shirt and things like that. During showtime, I always love to wear brand new pieces from that current season, especially for our main market. So you'll more than likely find me sporting some of my favorite outfits from the designers that we've delivered to our Lord & Taylor shop including Nikki Chasin, 2nd Day and maybe something from one of our clients. Caroline Constas has this amazing off-the-shoulder top which would be perfect in fact... All things considered, I like to be a little bit more fun with my fashion when in LA!

Even as the seasons change, one element in my style that I am always assembling revolves around interesting shapes. Whatever the go-to shape is for the season, it is something I center my style around for that time. I also always gravitate towards blues - we're currently sorting our buy for our Lord & Taylor shop and after going through the product I realize I can't not buy enough blue... and yet I feel anything but!