An Assemblist’s Guide to a September Saturday in NYC

There's nothing we love more then taking the time to discover and assemble inspiration in our own backyard.

That's why we're excited to share a Brand Assembly insider's perspective on the best things to do, eat and shop in New York! Meet our Show Assemblist Adam, who has kindly curated a guide of a few places he often frequents on the weekends. Check out his picks below and join the conversation by sharing  a few of your favorite off-duty hangs in the comments section below.

I’m Adam, the Show Assemblist here at Brand Assembly. 

I work on all aspects of putting the LA show together as well as The Brand Assembly Square New York.  I’ve been working with emerging menswear designers for the last four years and have a passion for helping young brands find strong platforms to build their businesses—so I feel right at home here at Brand Assembly!  I guess part of this passion stems from my own creative roots and ambitions which take up a lot of my time outside of work.  I value following your heart and being kind to those along the journey. 

How has Brand Assembly inspired places you like to go for inspiration?

Since I’m transitioning into womenswear here at Brand Assembly, I’m trying to familiarize myself with this new landscape. I’ve always loved the creativity you find in womens vs. mens (not to say there aren’t innovative men’s brands, I know a bunch!) so it’s fun to have more of an excuse to check out publications, stores and more that I haven’t in the past.  We’ve only been in our new home for about a week, so I’ve been going to a lot of places I’m already familiar with, but I’m excited to uncover some gems soon!

How would you describe your ideal September Saturday in the city? 

This month, Saturdays are for adventuring! I’ve been taking day trips to various locations just outside the city, like this last weekend I was up at Storm King Art Center riding bikes on this amazing 500 acre piece of land boasting about 200 sculptures from renowned artists.  It was so nice!  But if I am in town, September Saturdays are great for exploring and going to outdoor markets. This time last year I found these amazing midcentury chairs and side table at The Brooklyn Flea. Also, any New Yorker who hasn’t Smorgasburg’ed definitely should; so many amazing vendors serving up some seriously tasty bites! Or for a Manhattan Saturday, I like to check in on some of my favorite stores in SoHo.  

In your opinion what should be included in every city dweller’s Saturday attire? 

I think weekends call for being dressed for anything, it’s never good to limit your options because of your wardrobe; so I aim for casual with a little bit of style. A nice tee-shirt or casual button down, a pair of jeans, good-looking walking shoes and voila! You’re fit for anything that might pop up. (Umm, also noticing that this is how I dress almost every day).

Adam's Guide to a Perfect September Saturday in New York City:

Peacefood Café: Go there and get their chickpea fries, you’ll add this place to your favorites, too.

The Raines Law Room: This speak easy bar is one of my favorite places to sneak into for a drink—it really transports you!

The Stanton Social: There’s something about tapas-style food that I am always all about, and SS’s plates are so so good!  It’s also in the LES which is always good for a walk around.


CADET: I always enjoy checking in on brands that I have worked with, I really like CADET’s style and it’s always exciting to see their growth.   

Mantiques Modern: it’s probably going to be the death of me being financially stable that The Brand Assembly Square New York is right next door!  I love objects that have a story and everything in this store is just….so…cool! 

MIN: I’ve always been really into fragrances and while nothing takes me back to growing up in Texas like a Macy’s fragrance counter, MIN has such incredible scents that you won’t find just anywhere.


The High Line: it can be really crowded, but the architecture is so beautiful and I think represents a realistic/sustainable vision of what the future can/should be. I think it’s cool that you can see nearly every major New York landmark—it’s pretty incredible; and going to the highline gives me an excuse to walk through the Meatpacking district, which I love.

Lincoln Center: I don’t know what it is, but the clean white architecture of Lincoln Center I find to be so beautiful. I think it’s because I believe in transforming your world and Lincoln Center transforms this part of New York City. 

Ditmas Park: I live in Brooklyn a few blocks north of Cortelyou Road; on a nice evening I love to walk through Ditmas Park which is filled with these beautiful Victorian homes with massive columns and wraparound porches—such a departure from the city!  Then I pick a restaurant like The Farm on Adderly to eat outside and dine with the fireflies.  An evening like this never fails to inspire. 

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