H Fredriksson is a collection designed with a modern, artistic and sustainable conscious purpose. Inspired by the dark psychology of Bergman Films and contemporary European painting, the collection has an air of melancholic beauty, drawn from the austere silhouettes of the Nordic landscape. The overall mood of the line is one of time and timelessness, yet the details, silhouettes and design breathe modern contemporary culture. Thru balancing tailored garments with oversized and loosely draped pieces she creates a juxtaposition that is the core of the H Fredriksson aesthetic. With a sense of past and present, the designer’s belief in traditional craft as well as in a future of new sustainable fabric technologies is marked in the mindful fabric choices of the collection. The collection is manufactured in New York City using sustainable fabrics and production methods. The Swedish designer Helena Fredriksson lives and works in Brooklyn where she combines the two worlds into a sophisticated collection which reflects both the Scandinavian aesthetics of her upbringing and the multi cultured reality of living in New York City.

What made you want to start your line?

A constant flow of design ideas that needed an outlet and found a home in the making of the H Fredriksson brand.

What are your current design influences?

Midcentury Scandinavian Design & architecture, Gerard Richter Paintings, 80′s volume, a bleached out color palate and the rocky beachy nature of the island of Ibiza.

Name four key words that describe your aesthetic?

Modern Graphic Unique Sustainable

Is there one design that you’re particularly proud of? That says what you’re all about?

One design I’ve been making for years is the Long Stina Dress. A draped cupro dress, easy and elegant, one of those dresses you never want to take off and that works for both beach and evening. To me the ultimate garment works for all kinds of places and situations.

What is your favorite place in NYC? 

The waterfronts; piers, parks and beaches where you feel the space and see the size of the city

What is a motto / or personal quote that you live by?

Be in the moment & enjoy life. Carpe Diem.

Bio Excerpt via H. Fredriksson

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