An Avid Traveler, Morgan Carper is constantly exploring the connection between the cultures she visits and design. It’s while spending time alongside and learning from artisans that Morgan begins to conceptualize her collections. The regions cultural landscape has an integral role in her work and is translated through her custom printed fabrics, ultimately telling the story of each collection. A fascination with the elements of design led her to study textiles, where she developed skills in all areas of visual art including silk screening, drawing, and photography. Inspired by the philosophies of her studies and travels, Carper launched a small collection that garnered praise from esteemed editors and stores. This success led her to expand her line into a full women’s wear collection, debuted for A/W 2011.

What made you want to start your line?


From an early age I knew I wanted to design clothes and just stuck with the idea without even realizing how focused the path was.  As I grew older I started to understand what having a brand actually meant – Creating a lifestyle and world that people could relate to and want to be apart of.  For me, translating my passion for natural landscapes, the American Southwest, world travel, and textiles, has become my brand identity and mission.  Exploring these subjects season to season and getting to make them tangible for customers is amazing – a balance of form and function.  I am so lucky to get to call this my job!

What are your current design influences?

I am constantly inspired by the American Southwest and West. Season to season, these vast landscapes have an integral role in my work.  Right now I am focusing more on the plains in Nebraska where I grew up– Willa Cather and the Plain Indians are key inspirations in my upcoming Spring 16 collection.  It’s turning into a very personal experience with the passing of my grandmother this year, who was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska where she then raised my Father and his siblings.

Name four key words that describe your aesthetic?

Native, Textiles, Bohemian, Authentic

Is there one design that you’re particularly proud of? That says what you’re all about?

The Doli Top from SS15 is my favorite piece to date for sure – the jacquard fabric is very on point with my brand identity and aesthetic.  The fringe side panels add the perfect amount of ‘sexy’ while maintaining a sophisticated vibe.  This balance is something I am always keeping in mind when designing.


What is your favorite place in NYC?

Because my life revolves around food, I would have to say the farmers market is my favorite place.  With all the surrounding farms and the demand for sustainable and new varietals make for such a cool experience at the market.  Bringing my bounty back to my house and cooking with friends and family in the garden is my favorite way of spending time.  Wine, music, friends – all brought together by food!


What is a motto / or personal quote that you live by?

Life is all about how well you handle plan B.  So much truth to this!  You have to be ready to ride the next wave that comes your way.  Life is so unpredictable and being adaptable is key to not being wiped out every time the unexpected hits.

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