Welcome to The Assemblist

Since Brand Assembly’s inception we have always wanted to provide a strong solution-based framework for emerging designers and talent to grow -

you probably best know us for the core part of our business, our namesake trade-show which takes place in Los Angeles every market week. As we continue to refine the Brand Assembly experience our past successes have influenced so much of what we want to assemble next.

While we think of ourselves as a designer’s go-to fashion brand business partner, we aspire to be so much more. We’ve come to realize how crucial it is to be part of the little moments in between. We believe that today marks a pivotal turning point for us and our ability to do this and so, we’re proud to announce the official opening of the New York Brand Assembly Square.

In conjunction with the BASQ opening, we’re also thrilled to begin the process of revamping our blog The Assemblist, a curated destination that prides itself on discovery. Here you’ll be able to experience all things Brand Assembly and have a personalized look into what’s on the radar of our team and designers. This blog will also serve as a portal for exciting updates and information on upcoming registration dates, events and more. We invite you to join in the fun and start a dialogue with us by commenting on these stories.

We’re also pretty social-media obsessed @brandassembly!

While we’ve always focused on fostering a thoughtful buying environment for our designers, the BASQ will act as a continuation of this seasonal venue and truly cultivate a community. Through September 25th, the Brand Assembly designers will have a place to invite buyers to discover their product in an intimate and creative setting - and beyond market week, they’ll have access to these opportunities all year round.

We’re excited to see where this next chapter takes us. Perhaps most importantly to note, we hope our efforts set the tone for the entirety of the industry to come meet with us and get to know what it truly means to be a part of a new class of not only fashion designers, but creatives from every end of the spectrum.

Stay tuned for more events and happenings inside the Brand Assembly Square and FOLLOW US at @BRANDASSEMBLY FOR MORE REAl-TIME UPDATES.

Photos by Joanne Pio for The Assemblist