Meet Our Team And Discover What They're Assembling Daily

A lot has changed over the last year for us here at Brand Assembly.

From introducing the Brand Assembly Square to continuing our market trade-shows in Los Angeles, we've met so many amazing people along the way who have become a part of our evolving story. While we focus heavily on helping our community of emerging and contemporary designers, we're also highly committed to assembling a team of talented and passionate professionals who share our mission and love of fashion! Today we wanted to expand on that and introduce our amazing team. Meet everyone below as they share their respective experiences, their day-to-day at Brand Assembly and what they're assembling both personally and professionally!

Hillary France, Co- Founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

I’m Hillary France and I am a co-founder of Brand Assembly! I'm a nature enthusiast and dog lover and I am a homebody that loves to find the cozy (and often quiet) moments in life. Give me a fire upstate in a cabin and a glass of red wine or bourbon and I am set! I cherish my family, and am thankful for all the opportunities that they have given me to allow me to be successful. I am a self-proclaimed dork that likes to figure out the toughest analytical challenges. My mind runs 1,000 miles a minute during the day, but I am dead to the world at night when asleep. I love working and listening to extremely creative and passionate people that think outside the box or against the norm. When I was younger I thought I was going to be a cartographer and work for Rand McNally or National Geographic.

With all of the new and exciting developments (like the introduction of the Brand Assembly Square) how would you characterize the Brand Assembly community?

The Brand Assembly community is the core of what we are creating at the Brand Assembly Square. I love the buzz that the space creates and the most validating aspect is seeing our members collaborate and work together to better each other's businesses. Our community understands the challenges they face in the industry and see the Square as an opportunity for them to succeed. There are so many things on our agenda to expand the community even further. The future possibilities are so exciting!

What have the Brand Assembly designers taught you and/or what have you taken away from conversations with them?

There are so many talented designers out there and the landscape is extremely saturated. I am inspired by the designers that work hard and sacrifice almost everything to make their passion a real business. The day-to-day grind and overcoming road blocks never get them down, as they are determined that their designs will touch or inspire someone. All of our Brand Assembly initiatives that we have implemented stem from our conversations with designers and trying to find solutions to help them break down the barriers that they face daily. 

What do you assemble daily?

Every day I build upon what I have learned or experienced from the day prior. We have built an amazing team that inspire me to keep on pushing the possibilities of what Brand Assembly can offer to the community. I am constantly challenging myself to be a better leader but also learn from what our team has to offer. Each of them contributes greatly to the success of Brand Assembly, and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish this year!


Alex Repola, co-founder of Brand Assembly

I am Alex Repola, and I am one of the co-founders of Brand Assembly. Outside of my profession I am a father to two amazing boys who inspire me and humble me with their talents, and motivate me to move forward and keep building meaningful things such as Brand Assembly.

How has Brand Assembly changed over the last year?

Our team is getting bigger and better and that will be the key to continue to grow Brand Assembly exponentially. The Brand Assembly Square is a huge success, and after only 5 months we are already at the point where we are looking for more space to keep up with the demand. We are also preparing for our biggest Fall market ever in LA. 

With all of the new and exciting developments (like the introduction of the Brand Assembly Square) how would you characterize the Brand Assembly community?

When we started the Brand Assembly Square our intention was to offer designers a collaborative co-work/co-show environment, but we never anticipated the extent to which it actually brings people together. Our members share market calendars and introduce buyers to each other during market in the true spirit of collaboration and community. We believe that smaller brands working together is the future of the industry, and the very foundation of our business model which co-ops services and leverages economies of scale. Our intention is to open up more Squares and continue to build the community.

What have the Brand Assembly designers taught you and/or what have you taken away from conversations with them?

We exist not only because there are so many talented designers that need our services, but also because we really listen to them. Everything we do is a result of conversations with designers and understanding the obstacles they are facing and the opportunities to disrupt the way they are bringing their products to market. Every time a designer tell us “I wish I could...” or “I need to…”, if we don’t already have a solution, we take on their requests as challenges.

What do you assemble daily?

As a team we continue to improve our service offerings. We focus on doing what we do better, making processes more efficient, and elevating the way we showcase our brands. This is our everyday effort.


Adam Eisenhut, Show Assemblist

I’m Adam Thomas Eisenhut, Show Assemblist here at Brand Assembly. Outside of work, I consider myself a creative and creative supporter living in Brooklyn. I have a background in theater production and costume design, so my apartment is filled with projects that you’d probably find in a theater’s costume/prop/or set shop. I spend my weekends either working on personal projects or arranging flowers and event décor with friends - which I find very therapeutic. I also like to encourage my peers to pursue their creative passions even if it isn’t their full time gig—so I write a semi-weekly “letter” called marble.d which is a collection of things I find wonderfully creative or creatively inspiring. I value the beauty that surrounds us and those that aim to contribute to it.

How would you further define your role as a Show Assemblist and how has being in this role influenced your thoughts/point of view on contemporary fashion?

My role as a Show Assemblist is very fun and very challenging. I wear approximately 10 hats a day—working with brands to determine the configuration of their space, collaborating with our graphic designer—or doing some design work myself, sorting out logistics of the show, finding fun partners and amenities, decorating the show, working with furniture makers on custom pieces… it’s all in a day’s work! It’s an exciting role because it never ceases to amaze me how many fantastic and imaginative brands are out there. I have a background in men’s fashion and while it’s a cool market, womenswear is so much more fun when it comes to the creativity involved. I’ve started to see how the best brands (in my opinion) each reflect their designer’s personality in a really unique way.  

Based on your experience what are three tools one should always have when working on/attending a tradeshow?

When I’m working on a show, I always need:

1) A tape measure. I don’t know what it is, but I am always measuring things!

2) A binder. I organize everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, into a production binder so that at any point, whether I am at my desk or on the show floor, I can find whatever I need in a jiff. 

3) A positive attitude. I interface with so many different people each day, from clients to partners to vendors, that being able to develop great relationships, even when things aren’t going as planned, is super important.   

If you are attending a tradeshow, you must have:

1)  A Brand Assembly tote, duh. Perfect for collecting business cards, lookbooks and linesheets. 

2) Your business card! It really helps the people registering you… and it’s good branding practice.

3)   A passion for discovery. Take a walk through the whole show and always allot time to finding something new—even if it might not be right for you, it’s what makes buying fun, right? We make it easy at our show by putting our emerging designers together smack in the middle of the show so you can’t miss them! 

What do you assemble daily?

Literally: The Brand Assembly Square here in NYC. Almost every day we move things around in here to accommodate a different event, appointment, etc. We just held a fancy dinner and had to magic up a table for 16 and beautifully decorate it—it looked fantastic. I like the space a lot because of its flexibility and its capacity for creative arranging; it has a different energy almost every day. Figuratively: I think (hope) I do a good job at assembling ideas and solutions that our whole team is proud of. We are a fun group and each of us has our own ideas about how to do things, so I try to mull through all of them and suggest an idea that gets to the heart of what each of us feels is important. 


Anna Bateman, Business Development Manager

Hi I’m Anna! If it’s possible, I’m equal parts left and right brained so I am continuously balancing my analytical and free spirited/creative side. I’m excited by travel, being outdoors, and anything that physically or mentally challenges me. I like to force myself out of my comfort zone because that’s when I feel I grow the most!

Brand Assembly is known for fostering emerging design talent, but what role do you think buyers play in this landscape?

Connecting with the right buyers plays a vital role in growing a brand and expanding distribution. The continued partnership between a store and a designer will encourage growth and longevity, and helping to facilitate these relationships is one reason I'm so excited to be a part of the team!

Despite being on the business side of things, do you ever find yourself wanting to dabble in the more creative/hands-on/maker aspect of fashion and if you don’t already do you have plans to?

Although I love fashion and consider it a passion of mine, I will leave the designing to the professionals! I admire the talent it takes to pair the perfect print with an effortless silhouette, and all of the details in between. That being said, I express my creative side in many other ways outside of fashion. 

What do you assemble daily?

I like to establish my motive and direction for the day. I am a perfectionist so I like to go into each day with purpose and clear, obtainable goals. 


Nancy Zauscher, Sales and Logistics Coordinator

I am the Sales and Logistics Coordinator at Brand Assembly, which basically means I am responsible for fulfilling our clients’ sales orders and getting them where they are supposed to go. I am a passionate Colombian/American who finds joy in knowledge, discovery and helping others. I consider myself a perpetual student always looking to learn and broaden my perspective, be it through research, experience or coursework. Currently I am enrolled in FIT’s Global Fashion Management master’s program. I value experiences and seek to live each one to its fullest. I like sharing my time with family and friends, as I find it more important with whom I do something with than the activity itself. Outside studying and my profession, I would say that my favorite activities are cooking and running.

Talk to us about your relationship with fashion - how has it been a part of your life and how does this translate into your role at Brand Assembly?

I remember getting up early on Saturday mornings as a kid to watch Tim Blank’s Fashion File on CNN and just being mesmerized by the beauty of the garments and the excitement of fashion weeks around the world. Many years later, as I worked my first jobs in the fashion industry in Colombia, I understood how fashion was not only that, but it had the power to transform societies. If conditions are right, fashion can have a huge economic, social, and cultural impact. It can very well set a path towards development. Fashion, as a marriage between creativity and business, requires a collaborative dynamic between the artist and analytical minds behind it. At Brand Assembly I have the privilege to put my own analytical mind and business skills forth to help emerging designers and small businesses achieve their sales targets and grow. I know that their growth leads to a chain reaction of innovation and opportunities for many others.

Walk us through your day to day - what is one of your favorite aspects of your role at Brand Assembly? 

Most of my days start off at Brand Assembly going over our client’s pending sales orders. I have to be on top of everything: production, shipping dates, cancel dates, vendor guidelines, among others, so that the orders are sent out correctly and on time. One of my favorite aspects of my role at Brand Assembly is knowing, in a way, I complete a cycle. On one end, someone gets to pour his creativity and personality into a garment, and on the other, someone is going to enjoy that little dress, that cute tee shirt or whichever piece they felt inspired by. It makes me happy to have been a part of that.

What do you assemble daily?

I try to assemble a balance between mind, body, and the environment daily. I strive to do everything I do to the best I can while having harmony with my personal life, health, work, school, and having a positive impact on the environment and the people around me.


Liene Krekovska, Intern

I’m a Latvian girl (from a small but beautiful country in Northern Europe) following my passion and on my way to fulfill my professional dreams. Outside of work I love to travel and visit places where I have never been before – it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to go to the other side of the world, it can simply be a weekend discovery in a new neighborhood. Traveling for me is an elusive thing that can never be taken away from me – those experiences and memories will always be a part of me and they have made me the person I am today – even a pair of shoes cannot stay with me forever!

As an emerging professional yourself what is one of your favorite aspects of working with up-and-coming fashion designers and have you learned any unexpected lessons?

Being side-by-side with emerging brands means being able to feel the magic sparkles and their passion for what they do and how much they truly believe in it. Each and every one of them have their own vision and point of view. That is very inspiring and leads me to hold onto my goals even more. These emerging designers encourage me to pay more attention to the ones back in Latvia and to think of new ways that I can personally help them to develop and expand their brands even more. At Brand Assembly I've learned to notice that even small details or advice from one designer to another can help them to move forward. 

Based on your experience at Brand Assembly so far, what advice would you have for those looking to land a job in the fashion industry (with an emphasis on emerging fashion designers)?

Most importantly you have to be nice to people around you because you will be treated the same and in turn will be surrounded by great people. Hard work always pays off, stay true to yourself and don’t get distracted by failures or some bumps on the road. Remember it is worth it and keep fighting for your dreams because the fashion industry is not easy. There is nobody else out there who will do it for you.

What do you assemble daily?

Every day at work, on the way home or when meeting new people it keeps me thinking how this experience, knowledge and skills will help me to get closer to my goals and how can I transfer them into valuable assets. I’m one of those people who collect all invitations, postcards, cool brochures, tickets and similar tiny things into one box. Whenever I need inspiration I open that box and go through all of these little pieces from my adventures and moments I have enjoyed the most. Now I have my New York box and it is already quite full!


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