Gabriella Garza On Fashion And Finance



It's been exciting to see Brand Assembly grow in so many ways.

With our bicoastal trade show, two Square locations and growing roster of emerging designers, all of these developments have ultimately led to the expansion of our team. That's where today's spotlight comes in: Meet Gabriella Garza, our Accounting Manager who proves that the business of fashion is a world all its own. In short, Gabriella's role is fueled by strategy, analysis and data with an intention of helping our designer community make informed decisions in their business. She even mentioned, "My hope is to provide them with insights in successfully managing each phase while keeping their momentum for future collections."

From helping designers implement financial strategies to fostering Brand Assembly's collaborative culture, we recently had the chance to catch up with Gabriella at our New York Square. During our meeting Gabriella shared her thoughts on the contemporary fashion space and what she hopes to assemble daily while on our team. Check out the full interview and catch up on spotlights and stories featuring other inspiring members on our team!

Please introduce yourself!

Gabriella Garza here! Personally and professionally I would say my nature is one in the same. I'm a supporter of visionary concepts, travel and culture enthusiast, problem solver— oh yes, and Accounting Manager at Brand Assembly.

How did you first meet the Brand Assembly team and what are your primary responsibilities while on the job? 

My primary role is to provide up-to-date financials while creating strategies for each designer to sustain upcoming seasons. My first meeting with Brand Assembly was when the Square was still a vision for the team. It's very exciting to have seen the vision become a reality.


What excites you the most about working in the contemporary fashion space and what have you learned from working with designers? What do you hope to teach them about your role?

Contemporary fashion designers, in particular, are extremely in-tune with the market while still being fashion-forward. It’s exciting to see brands advance through the phases from design to sales to production. My hope is to provide them with insights in successfully managing each phase while keeping their momentum for future collections.  

For those who aren’t as familiar with the business side of Brand Assembly how would you describe your day-to-day in one sentence?

Keeping the books in check while strategizing brands to get through the development and production of each season.

How have your colleagues inspired you? Can you think of any one moment or anecdote that really captures the collaborative sprit that Brand Assembly is known for?

I work with a fantastic and collaborative group of individuals who equally contribute their skills to Brand Assembly. Across the board, our highest priority is mutual - to ultimately see our brands succeed. Our daily collaborations between logistics and accounting are second-nature at this point. They are the ying to my yang.  

What advice can you offer to emerging designers looking to streamline the business side of their brands?

While creating a business plan is not as glamorous as creating beautiful garments, it is just as crucial to your success strategy. Surround yourself with likeminded company, establish a blueprint of your business model with all scenarios in mind, and keep your mind open to different approaches in realizing your short and long-term goals.


How have you learned to have fun in fashion/work and what are a few Brand Assembly designers that you’d love to have on rotation in your wardrobe this season?

Mixing textiles, colors and styles- it’s all in your power to have fun with your daily wardrobe. Fashion is creating a personal statement and just plain OWNING IT! Once Was, Osei-Duro and Caroline Constas - I'm loving these Brand Assembly designers right now. They are effortlessly stylish in their each unique way.

What do you hope to assemble daily in your role at Brand Assembly?

My goal is to see each our brands evolve from emerging to ingrained in the fashion world. Strategy, planning and seeing this process develop is the most challenging, yet rewarding aspects of my career.

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