Inside The Square - October 2016 Moments

Between our October show and the opening of our LA Square much of our focus has been on Los Angeles lately... but that doesn't mean things haven't been in full swing back home in New York too!

With market season finally winding down our New York Square has been a bit quieter than usual - but even so there have still been a few fun moments in and around the office that we can't wait to share more of. From spotlighting our new team members to showcasing the latest from our designer community check out what we've been up to below. Also visit our website for more information and updates on how you can become a Square member on either coast. 

From left to right: 1. Our team scrolls through our website to check out all of the latest info and updates here at Brand Assembly. 2. A behind-the-scenes look into our recent shoot with the amazing Sarah Magid! Check out the full feature here. 3. A look into another one of our designer visits with Lyndsey Butler of Veda - how amazing is her studio?! 4. A candid capture of our team member Gabriella Garza hanging out in the conference room. Later this week she'll be sharing more on her role here at Brand Assembly, stay tuned for the story coming soon to The Assemblist!

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