The Assemblist Letter 46 - Fashion In The Age Of Politics

Brand Assembly has been and always will be about collaboration and strength in numbers.

Everything we do leverages community to achieve common goals, so our message to emerging designers is to embrace their community and share ideas and resources, and collaborate as much as possible! We also tell them to make sure that their brand message/story is clear, defined and unique so that they stand together but also set themselves apart.

Saunder is a brand that always has an elaborate story each season, it does not necessarily evoke change, but does arouse a certain social commentary. Whether it was her collection inspired by the Henry VIII and the English Tudor period or an acid trip, she never disappoints!

Despite conflicting views and the seriousness that surrounds an election, it is definitely true that contemporary designers have used their craft to help express voters' views in many ways.  Whether it is a novelty pin, tote bag or a graphic tee, designers have been expressing themselves and making statements through their fashion. Who knows, maybe pantsuits will be a trend on the Fall '17 runways this February...

Generally I have mixed feelings about whether a designer should use their creativity as a way to express personal opinions or attempt to incite reactions to current events... OR instead give us an opportunity to escape and express our own individuality without having to subscribe to someone else’s opinions! While I support creatives who use their craft to reach an audience with meaningful messages, I myself prefer to express my own individuality with the choices I make. I am thinking the right mix would be a designer that believes in a cause and supports it selectively through some more targeted statements, but still designs so that his or her clients can ultimately make their own choices.

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

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