Inside The Square - Brand Assembly Designers Share What They're Thankful For

From opening our new LA Square to finishing out another successful market season there's so much we have to reflect on here at Brand Assembly.

In fact, our growing designer community continues to be one of the things we're most grateful for. So with Thanksgiving a week away we're sharing a round-up featuring a few designers we've highlighted here on The Assemblist. Read on to learn what they're personally thankful for this year and also be sure to catch up on our studio chats with each of them too!

"I'm thankful for my ever growing and encouraging professional network. I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to making a breakthrough in this hyper competitive field. On a more personal note, I am grateful for the constants in my life. Five years ago I had many acquaintances but over time I have truly developed and nurtured a handful of relationships to become my part of my extended family." - Aisling Camps

"It's a little corny but this year I'm especially thankful for health and community!" - Kelsy Parkhouse, Carleen

"I am thankful for being able to do a job that I really love and be in a place (Brand Assembly) where people support and love what I do, it could be much worse. I am also thankful to have my apartment back, which is where I used to work. It's literally the best home in the world!" - Leslie O'Kelly, Bow & Arrow

"I am thankful for our opportunity to travel around the world and connect with different cultures due to WRAY. This is both personal and professional gratefulness as my husband and I love to travel. Travel helps to make our business more dynamic and creative." - Wray Serna, WRAY Collection

"I am thankful for the journey life has led me on both personally and professionally this year. Finding a home for Vincetta in the DENYC and BF+DA Program. Finding a wonderful man who feels like home. Friend's and family's continued support for my brand, and also building long term relationships with incredibly talented tastemakers, artists and collaborators." - Deanna Ansara, Vincetta

"Iā€™m thankful for the way things always seem to fall into place: You run into the right people at exactly the right time. A solution to an impossible situation arrives at the final hour. And right when you were about to give up, you make it. These laws have so consistently governed my life, that I now rest easy knowing that I can rely on them. That has made a major difference in how I run my jewelry line and navigate my personal life." - Gretel Going, Fortune & Frame

"I am very thankful for the community of friends, family and peers that have supported what I do and given me a platform to create. I am also thankful and hopeful that despite the current political climate, we will forever live in a country where our voices have power and weight and we can rise over time to affect change." - Alyssa Lesser


What are you thankful for? Leave a comment below or share with us on social media @brandassembly