With the holiday season upon us you could say it's time for a wardrobe refresh!

We learned in our get together with the stylish SWORDS-SMITH team earlier this season that it never hurts to try something new. As advocates for contemporary fashion here at Brand Assembly we've found that our own approach to curation aligns heavily with Briana Swords, the co-founder of this beloved Williamsburg shop who explained, "Clients come to us when they are looking for something creative, something a little different. Many of our designers take an artistic approach to their work and I think that shows in our assortment."

In fact, we saw this firsthand during our recent return to SWORDS-SMITH where we previewed a few holiday looks styled by Briana featuring emerging designers that we know and love. Read on for more of Briana's holiday style advice and her plans for the store this season. Also be sure to check out a second part of our chat over on The Style Line.

Please introduce yourself!

I'm Briana Swords, co-owner of Swords-Smith in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

What does SWORDS-SMITH provide for the contemporary shopper that they might not be able to find anywhere else?

Unique, special pieces. We place an intense focus on independent and emerging designers and often carry styles/designers that are not available elsewhere in the United States. Clients come to us when they are looking for something creative, something a little different. Many of our designers take an artistic approach to their work and I think that shows in our assortment. 

Get the look: Samantha Pleet Cloud Dress $339

Talk to us about the store's designer assortment. What do you look for when buying for holiday? 

I always begin with the fabrics, especially for the Holiday season. There's something amazingly romantic, even nostalgic about rich textures and deep color palettes. I also love the idea of clothing becoming part of the story, part of your memory when you wear an exciting article of clothing for an important event or a night you might never forget. 

For first time visitors looking to purchase the ultimate holiday look what brands immediately come to mind as seasonal staples?

This season I'm especially excited for a new designer out of LA - Vivian Chan. This is her first season in-store. Her collection looks amazing and the styles we have in-store are perfect for Holiday events. 

Get the look: Stine Goya Prima Dress $298 and LOQ Villa Petrol shoes $325

When it comes to your own preferences for holiday dressing what do you always look for?

Personally I've always been more of a tomboy and am mostly influenced by menswear, streetwear and activewear. As a buyer and a designer however, my tastes definitely lie elsewhere. I really like to see a bit of quirkiness/intelligence in what we bring into the store and there are definitely more feminine elements and options in-store than in my personal wardrobe. 

What advice would you have for designers who are looking to engage with their community during the holidays?

Be genuine to your brand and your ethos. Consumers are getting hit will all kinds of vague and sometimes disingenuous Holiday messaging during this time. Give people a reason to connect with what you do by portraying genuine sentiment and authenticity.

Get the look: Henrik Vibskov Gordon Dress $425

What do you assemble daily?

Every day I love connecting with clients and building relationships, working closely with my team and our designers.