Inside The Square - November 2016 Moments

The year may be winding down but here at Brand Assembly we're just getting started.

We've been working on getting our LA Square off the ground (more on that soon!) and wrapping up odds and ends before the holiday season kicks into high gear. On a more stylish note we've also made time to visit our growing New York designer community to see what they're assembling daily in their respective brands. Enjoy a few fun highlights we've captured during our recent studio chats and follow along as we share even more new features here on The Assemblist. 

For information on joining our community visit our website to learn how you can become a Brand Assembly Square member in New York or Los Angeles!

From left to right: 1. Designer Korina Emmerich shares a sneak peek into what's inspiring her design process lately. We'll be sharing our studio chat with her soon! 2. Kalen Kaminski of Upstate takes us through her dyeing process. Check out the full feature here. 3. A detailed look into one of the holiday outfits Briana Swords of SWORDS-SMITH styled for us during our recent visit. Get all of the info here. 4. Deanna Ansara of VINCETTA shows us just how lively her collection really is. Find out more about her brand in our studio chat with her here.

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