Vincetta’s Deanna Ansara On Creating Clothing And Conquering Fear



Vincetta, a luxe contemporary brand helmed by designer Deanna Ansara, is built around the idea of providing quality pieces that are season-less and long-lasting. 

With its powerful nod to individualism and mission of empowerment Deanna contends that Vincetta is more than a brand but rather a movement around inclusion, fashion and modern life - to which she explained more in our interview, “The meaning of Vincetta is prevailing, to win, to conquer. I chose this name for my brand because the Vincetta woman is strong, self-assured, and can accomplish anything in Vincetta clothing.”

The most recent collection includes a carefully curated assortment of tailored basics, textured outerwear and versatile silhouettes. We were even shown firsthand by the designer just how lively (and wearable) the pieces are! In addition to our style session Deanna touched more on her journey as an emerging designer along with a few valuable takeaways she’s learned from her professional experiences. Check out the full story below and visit The Style Line for an exclusive second part of our chat.

Please introduce yourself!

I am creative, caring, maternal, loving and I want make positive contributions to the world in any way I can. I’ve experienced many struggles in life, but still try to find beauty in everything. These experiences have made me a stronger and better person. I try my best to treat others with respect, surround myself with likeminded people - always finding a way to help out and give back. I enjoy and value being able to love what I do every single day.

I also value dear friends, family, animals, nature. Getting lost in conversation, traveling, music, art, culture and learning something new every single day. Most importantly… slowly, but surely… I find little ways to value myself.  Once I can find that balance of happiness and peace within myself, I can then be more thoughtful towards others and go about life in a most positive way. I believe in a world where we unite, stay strong together and support one another to create a better future for ourselves and our surroundings.


Tell us more about your journey as a fashion designer. What steps have you taken to create Vincetta and how do you hope to see the brand grow?

My journey has been a serious emotional rollercoaster. I am an artist by nature, but a self-taught business woman. There have been many ups and downs… it has been extremely difficult to get Vincetta off the ground. Mainly because buyers don’t really know where to put the brand in their stores and also because lack of press. It’s a mix of things. This year I took a MAJOR step back and realized that this model is simply not working for me anymore. I almost wanted to give up. But, then I got into DENYC this summer and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. It allowed me to take that step back from my business and re-evaluate which I have been wanting to do for over a year mind you.  

It’s just when you’re a young entrepreneur you get pushed and pulled in so many different directions and it’s hard to figure out what works best for you because you feel everyone else knows what’s best. Personally, I feel like I’ve taken control back over my business. How I run things, who I choose to work with, realizing that I do bring something to the table and that Vincetta does have incredible value. Professionally I have been more selective with who I work with. I have eliminated relationships that were hurting the brand and myself, and after the DENYC program this summer, I was accepted into the BF+DA incubator program. It has been such an emotional year, but now Vincetta is headed in such an amazing direction. The new Vincetta is what I have wanted for myself and the brand since day one. I just didn’t know the best way to go about it, market it, communicate it.  Now that I am able to surround myself with other like-minded brands, mentors, and have a strong support system, it is going to be a major positive contribution to the Vincetta brand. I also have this sense of freedom with my brand and look forward to all of the exciting collaborations and projects this year and in the future. 

The most recent campaign for Vincetta is something I hold close to my heart.  Finally, I am able to communicate my brand in a way that makes sense for me and the Vincetta woman. Moving forward, I will only be using real women in my campaigns. Women who genuinely want to join the Vincetta movement and community. Women who want to build long term relationships and continue collaborating. 

How did you first connect with Brand Assembly and what has been the most rewarding aspect of being part of the designer community? 

I met Hillary through a friend of mine. My first time working with Brand Assembly was during SS16 Market. It was such a warm and welcoming environment filled with incredible talent. I participated in their holiday sale about a year ago which gave me another opportunity to get exposure for the Vincetta brand. The events Brand Assembly curates are great - I always enjoy going back there. What Brand Assembly is doing for emerging and independent brands is fantastic.  

With Vincetta’s mission of “prevailing, to win, to conquer” how would you describe the Vincetta woman and what role does contemporary fashion play in her life?

The meaning of Vincetta is prevailing, to win, to conquer. I chose this name for my brand because the Vincetta woman is strong, self-assured, and can accomplish anything in Vincetta clothing. The clothing works as one with her, making her feel beautiful from the inside out. She exudes something special because of how the clothing makes her feel. Her and the clothing work together to create something of substance. She can conquer anything she wants whether it be her work goals, building her personal style, traveling, etc. The world is hers and Vincetta will always be there for her.  

What advice do you have for fellow emerging designers who have established a strong brand point of view/story but are looking to grow other areas of their business? 

Keep control of your business. No one will care for or sell your brand like you will.  Listen to your instincts and stay true to your vision. Shooting for the stars is great, but also work with people who are in the same boat as you to build your business. Collaborate with other like-minded brands, work with influencers who you feel can relate and speak to your customer, remember that you are your brand. Stay true to yourself, but stay focused.  

What do you assemble daily?

I am assembling myself daily. I am constantly learning more about myself, others, and finding ways to grow. Finding ways to value myself, work/social life balance, and others around me. I am a firm believer that when you feel confidence and peace within yourself, you are able to contribute to the world in a more thoughtful way.