The Assemblist Letter 48 - Supporting Emerging Designers This Holiday Season

Holiday time for emerging designers means friends and family sales! It is a great time for designers to support each other but also to promote their products and unique gifts for their family and extended friends. 

I love to turn to our network of emerging designers for some gift giving ideas. Upstate has some amazing throws and pillows and Kallmeyer is promoting gift-sets of her amazing shoe slides and bags.

What better gift to give then one that is unexpected and something that no one else could have!? I recommend that you look for the unique pieces from emerging designers - a statement piece that will induce conversation about where they got it or who made it.

At Brand Assembly we don’t have any specific plans for the holiday season, except I will definitely be supporting emerging designers personally through gifts for my friends and family. We also love to promote our emerging designer community through social media. Last year we did a 12-day countdown of our favorite emerging designer outfits.

My advice for emerging designers would be to keep promoting yourself and your products over social media and email blasts. Everyone is always looking for last minute gifts, so find those unique pieces in your collection and make it relevant for the holiday gift giving season!

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

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