The Assemblist Letter 49 - Hillary's Holiday Picks

With the holidays now a week away we turned to our co-founder and CEO Hillary France for her shortlist of gifting recommendations! From family to co-workers today Hillary is sharing a few stylish items on her holiday checklist which feature some of our favorite designers within the Brand Assembly/emerging designer community.

Brand AssemblyHolidayPicks1jpg.jpg

For Family:

"Harare's capes and scarves are amazingly soft and perfect gifts to give during the winter time!”

Brand AssemblyHolidayPicks3-1.jpg

For Colleagues:

"Giles & Brother have special personalized pieces for both men and women. Their railroad spike is universal, but also customizable, and comes in various metals!"

For Me:

"The Kallmeyer Emerald Gift Set of slides and a bag – the color is amazing and I am in desperate need to upgrade my handbag at the moment!"

Illustrations by Magdalene Kan for The Assemblist

Do you have any go-to's for gifting? Share it with us in a comment below or get involved in real-time on social @brandassembly!