The Assemblist Letter 51 - Hillary's New Year's Eve Plans + Traditions

Another year has come and gone. As we look to the future we wanted to hear more from The Assemblist herself on her plans for New Year's Eve and 2017. Below our co-founder and CEO Hillary France reflects on her resolutions and shares a few things she's most excited about for the year ahead!

New Year's Eve Outfit:

"MESTIZA New York is PERFECT! I love this red jumpsuit to ring in the New Year!"

New Year's Plans:

"I am looking forward to continuing taking a vacation in April - this past year I went to Sedona, AZ. I have to start thinking of what is next! Maybe Montana or Scotland..."

New Year's Resolution:

"Personally it is to read more! I often get lost in industry blogs and newsletters and I would like to start to read more books and literature. Professionally it is to continue to build our designer community by doing more events and talks.”

Illustrations by Magdalene Kan for The Assemblist

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