The Assemblist Letter 24 - Notes On Our New Website



Last week we soft-launched our new website!  I’m excited to share a few details on our process.

First of all, I think it really stemmed from our campaign images we shot with Sam and Kate. Having this “girl” was a part of what we wanted to portray, which is this all-encompassing and fun approach. Discovery was the major premise for the new website, and again, we always want to have that quirky, vibrant feel to help tell the story. 

From the beginning we have always wanted to find a way to explain everything that we do in a fun voice. We want the website to be inviting and obviously having The Assemblist be a partner to this, we also wanted to make sure both were easy to navigate. We also have our collaboration with Lord & Taylor, which is something I would love to keep building, especially the curated component off of the website/The Assemblist and maybe even making it shoppable at some point.

This summer we’ll be three years old, and so much has happened since we started. Obviously, The Brand Assembly Square is a new component for us, so we wanted to keep all of the new areas in mind for those who wanted to go to our website for more information on what we do. So in terms of digital playing a role in Brand Assembly’s experience the whole community aspect is important to us as we continue to build this out - especially when it comes to users looking for resources, or even looking to us as a resource. 

For now, we hope you enjoy Brand Assembly 2.0 and love it just as much as we do. Click here to see what we're assembling daily. 

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

Visit our new website here and discover what we're assembling daily in real-time on social @brandassembly