The Assemblist Letter 28 - A Pop of Style at LA Market



Our inspiration for each show is a collaborative effort between Adam and myself.

There is always a continuous theme in our aesthetic here at Brand Assembly, which is to make it fun and lively. It brightens everybody’s spirits if you’re entering a place that’s not so serious and dark! Even though Fall is generally darker we still wanted to have some bright and fun elements. So you’re always going to see that when it comes to our shows.

This season we still played upon the campaign shoot we did with Sam and Kate Owen, but we wanted to have a Fall approach. We had sort of done a Saved By The Bell theme last time, so for this season we still wanted to take those bold elements but infuse it with more of an artistic point of view. I kind of described it as a kooky Alice in Wonderland meets some kind of pop artist! 



Funnily enough, I was meeting with our Lord & Taylor counterpart who is based in LA, and because we do shop (for our concept shop) according to what they see on the runway, one of the trends they had highlighted out in the marketplace was a similar pop element to the show! It’s kind of funny that it came together so well. Generally I do think that having fun in fashion (whether Spring or Fall) is just so important and we like to carry that through!

In terms of our partnerships this time around we collaborated with Dolce Vita to do a bar each day which was really fun! We also worked with Bronzed Aussie who provided Aussie Pies for snacks - which also surprisingly fit within our theme. They are these kind of pop up pies which was a cute thing to have and something that meshed well with our visuals. So as we plan for our next LA tradeshows, our goal will be to continue developing our relationships and partnerships, with a focus on doing some fun events both inside and in addition to the actual show. Until then…

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

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