Adam's Show Assemblist Process - Part II



Last week, our Show Assemblist Adam Eisenhut shared part one of his process in organizing our tradeshow events in both New York and LA.

While Adam proves that no one day is ever the same here at Brand Assembly, we’ve loved watching him rise to the challenge of creating an authentic point of view and artistic theme, all while seamlessly connecting emerging designers, buyers and show-goers time and time again. Today we’re sharing part two of our interview with Adam featuring his real-time experiences at our recent LA show, and his thoughts on what he’ll assemble next for our upcoming events.

Hi again Adam! Now that we’re here in LA, walk us through the show - what are you most proud of?

I think there’s a lot we are all proud of! Personally, I really love our entrance and lounge/overall décor of the show. I love getting to be creative and put my theater experience to work and I think it came together quite strongly. This season a big project was finding custom furniture for our brands so that we could own it all moving forward and not be at the mercy of our vendor’s stock—it was a pretty big challenge even through the opening of our show, but now that it’s all here I think it’s a great thing for us. As a show, I think the level of our brands is something we all are really excited about. There is great product in every corner of the show—really! It’s pretty incredible. 

Talk to us about your day to day. Now that the show is physically up and running, what does your day to day look like while in LA? 

Hard physical labor. Haha. Just kidding—but actually, we do spend our days moving furniture around, restocking juice and waters for our brands. I make sure our amenity vendors get all situated like our amazing Aussie Pie Lady, Samantha, who owns Bronzed Aussie just down the street and our Bartenders from Pattern Bar… also down the street. I move around the show helping brands and talking to them about their experience so far and jump on the registration desk when needed. 

In terms of the designers here, are there a few we should be keeping our eyes on? If so, who and why? 

We had a cool collection join us for the first time called M.I. Five; the designer is Michelene Ip who used to design at Vince. The collection is quite beautiful and interesting without being fussy—so I think it has a lot of appeal. Koch joined us this season too, with a fun and breezy collection that is doing quite well—it seems perfect for this market. I suppose being based in Dallas, designer Nicole Musselman really understands this territory. Öhlin/D has really been making a splash this season, too. Their fashion week presentation was very well done and got a lot of attention, so we are very happy to have them here, too. 

Can you share any details on what we can expect for the upcoming trade-show? 

There’s an upcoming show?! Oh right, there’s always another! Well, we gear up for resort in June next which I guess isn’t that far away. It’s a smaller show for us, so a nice intimate show. October will be our next big one to look forward to—I’m hoping to get a head start on it and make it even better! 

What will you continue to assemble daily with each trade-show and the feedback that’s received?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to better shine a light on Brand Assembly Los Angeles and even the Los Angeles market in general. It’s my aim to keep improving both the environment of our show and the productivity of the show for our brands.