The Assemblist Letter 31 - Celebrating 3 Years!



We celebrated our 3 year anniversary this week on May 10th - a date that also happens to be my mom’s birthday. I remember when we were actually signing the letter of incorporation I was like, “Oh it’s my mom’s birthday too!” and it was really great to have those occasions happen all at once. I remember being in the Full Picture offices, in our CFO’s office in particular, which is where we signed the papers. How time flies!

But it’s funny because at that time it didn’t seem as important as it does now, after building all of Brand Assembly’s components. Every day so many people say, “You’ve done so much in 3 years!” Though from my perspective it’s hard to wrap my head around it all - it doesn’t seem like it’s been that much. When I do take a step back or sometimes when I walk into the space and no one is here in the morning that’s when it hits me.

I think when you start anything, you have so many different ideas. I know we have so many components to Brand Assembly already, but even when we started our services component, I think we thought that we would do so much more and have a broader offering. But you quickly learn that you have to narrow in on the things that you are really good at - so we stuck with operations and logistics. I've learned that while it’s easy to think that when you start you can do it all, you have to be realistic and put your efforts toward where you think you can scale your business the fastest.

We have so much we want to do moving forward! For instance, we definitely want to expand our New York space. I’d love to have an entire building and I feel like the Square has really started to catch on in terms of the buyer’s recognition. I’d also love to open spaces in Los Angeles and also find a way to unite all of the regional markets under one umbrella so we become a one-stop shop. But those are long-term goals, and they are something I look forward to!

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

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