The Assemblist Letter 33 - A Behind The Scenes Look Into Our Campaign Shoot

Today I'm excited to share a behind-the-scenes look into our campaign that we recently shot with the talented Sam Shannon and Kate Owen!

We worked with Sam and Kate for our last campaign and were introduced through one of our clients. They are the most creative duo, and really get what we're trying to do. Just talking to them about the concept (we always want to have that lighthearted and fun sensibility to our campaigns) we found that it was already really in line with their style. We wanted to make sure these elements were present but also wanted bring in a little bit more sophistication - and almost a little mystery - into the imagery this time around. 

We worked a lot more closely with them in terms of what the creative was going to be, and generally I give them a lot of free reign in terms of their stylistic point of view. I obviously still wanted the campaign to remain quirky and fun and include a lot of bright colors, so when they presented the mood-board I was excited! Funnily enough, Sam and Kate went on a road trip shortly thereafter and included a lot of elements from their travels in some of the GIFs and still compilations, which we can’t wait to share more of once the campaign is live! Other members of the shoot included Sam Bates who was our stylist, and she really understood the vibes we wanted to get across as well. 

The process was fun! We shot in Brooklyn and built a room especially for the shoot. Sam and Kate had wanted to implement this sense of bringing the outdoor lighting inside, and in a lot of ways it does look like our model would be outside in terms of the light and the shadows, so that really came across well. The Spring shots are obviously more quirky because it goes well with the clothes and for the Fall shots (which you won’t see until later this year!) we went for this kind of Royal Tenenbaums vibe - so that’ll be fun to share too. But in the meantime, enjoy a first look at the campaign and stay tuned as it goes live on our website!

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

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