Find Your Style Again With Designer Amber Kekich-Purling



With a penchant for the past, you could say designer Amber Kekich-Purling falls in love with fashion time and time again. Hence her brand, Again. While time may be a motivating factor behind the brand's ethos, when it comes to building the collection Amber is just taking things day by day. As she shared in our interview below, "I am always going to live in the moment with Again, and try to stay focused on what we do best and perfect it more and more everyday."

Again prides itself on adventure, versatility and inclusion as Amber contends that the brand is made for women from all walks of life who are seeking to add a little flavor in their wardrobe. The aesthetic itself is reminiscent of Amber's own style which is heavily influenced by the desire to "create something different, something new" while taking inspiration from celebrated silhouettes from past decades. We'll be the first to say that from what we saw in our recent studio visit she's definitely onto something special.

We met with the down-to-earth designer at her Los Angeles studio to see the collection and further chat about the Again woman. Amber gave us a tour of the industrial (yet awe-inducing) space and shared her thoughts on life as an emerging designer and what adventures she believes the fashion industry needs to allow more time for. Discover our conversation below and head over to The Style Line for an exclusive second part of this interview.

Please introduce yourself! 

Everyday I am whoever I feel like being that day! I value a good time, a good laugh, a good memory, my friends my family, my dog, and hard work no matter who I am. 

Tell us about your studio. How did you find the space and how has it catered to your needs as a designer in LA?  

I have been in this studio for about 4 years now. I love it because we were in a space downtown before with a lot of hustle and bustle and now we are in the Arts District where you can walk around, see trees, and see artists that have been here before the riots who are still trying to create. My space is broken up a lot with little creative pockets, along with places to be serious. We do everything from design to shipping out of here so sometimes it can't always be that pretty!

The Again woman seems like she is someone who is always on the go but still values her little rituals and routines. If she had to pick a favorite day of the week to repeat (again and again) what would it be and why? What would we find her doing on that particular day?

She would repeat Saturdays, time to herself, time to think about what she wants to wear. She would spend the day creating something at home and time to enjoy and laugh with her friends around the neighborhood, and become sexy at night to enjoy what it has to bring. 

As a fashion designer do you ever find yourself being curious about other forms of design, and what about design in general resonates with you the most?

Of course, I don't think I just speak for myself when I say that I think everyday about having a collection of furniture, my own album etc. Design for me is creating an object in your mind and making it come to life, making it your own and in other words expressing emotion through a piece. 

All emerging designers are faced with growing pains. Looking back on your start, what aspect of launching a brand scared you the most and how have you worked to overcome this fear? As Again grows what do you anticipate you’ll need to focus on that might not be relevant at this stage in your business? 

I don't think I was scared of anything, I was young and made decisions without fear, it was realizing that it was actually something and making real decisions that became scary. I am always going to live in the moment with Again, and try to stay focused on what we do best and perfect it more and more everyday. 

You mentioned that adventure is at the core of Again. What does that mean to you specifically? What kind of adventure do you think the fashion industry needs to embrace more of?

Totally, for me it means never saying no, always taking a leap. The fashion industry should embrace more vacation time for all of the people that work so hard within it. Having time to travel and to yourself is super important in what we do, we are forever evolving but consequently there is rarely a moment for that in our industry.