The Assemblist Letter 34 - Reflecting On Resort LA



We just wrapped up Resort Market and I’m excited to share some of the highlights! To start, we had a 25% increase in buyer traffic from our same show last year, which is amazing.

We had more brands than we've ever had at this particular Resort Market. I have to say, we were a little bit nervous going into it, because NY market was at the same time. Even so, we had such an amazing market and everybody was happy with the turnout - buyers were actually spending money!

While this was a smaller show we did have our basics covered with pressed juice and coffee! With the environment, we kept it very open and airy. I'd say we utilized the space pretty well, which both the brands and buyers like in the intermediate markets because there is a little bit more space to spread out. That was really nice too.

As far as the brands go, we had a really great Resort/Swim group. New brands in that realm included: Onia, Flagpole Swim, and Red Carter Swimwear. This one brand that I’d initially never heard of, Paloma Blue, was there too and they were a brand that I loved - I think they were excited to be there too! Generally to have an increase in those kind of brands at this market was such a big highlight for us. 

I think that now since we have more of these Resort brands we can really build upon that for next time - and it was a good lead up to go into our best market, which is the Spring show in October. Speaking of which, Adam and I have been working on the creative to make our upcoming October show amazing. It’ll be the first time in October that we're going to roll out our new campaign images for Spring, which we’re excited about. I think the overall experience and visuals will be very exciting, stay tuned!

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

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