Market Moment: Brand Assembly Square Street Style

With Resort now officially behind us, we're reflecting on the many fun moments from this past market.  

From New York to LA, there was certainly no shortage of inspiration to be found when it came to the style of our fashionable show attendees! We also found this to be especially true right here at home. As advocates for emerging and contemporary designers we've learned to champion our own sense of personal style, and as summer sets in, today we're sharing a glimpse into our Square street style and what is inspiring our outfits lately. Check out a few looks our team members have on rotation below, along with their thoughts on establishing a go-to fashion office uniform no matter the season.

"I have been lucky to be surrounded by so many talented designers who definitely influence my day-to-day style. I love to find pieces in their collections that are uniquely their own! If I am just having a work day in the office I like to be comfortable and usually resort to jeans and a comfortable top. For meeting days, I like to show off some of my emerging designer pieces which show off my personality! I think that Rachel Antonoff embodies her brand extremely well… it is effortlessly vintage chic. Actually come to think of it, don’t all designers have to embody their brand? I can’t think of one that we work with that deviates from who they are! Wray, Carleen, Hunter Bell... I guess that is why they all have such distinct style! As far as trends go here at The Brand Assembly Square, from cropped to high-waisted flairs, I have been seeing A LOT of denim. As far as accessories go, I've also seen a lot of platform flats and oxfords, and fun statement sunglasses." - Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

"Being around such stylish people every day definitely encourages me to step up my game. I love having access to such a talented pool of creatives to help drive my personal style. Here’s my tip! Keep it simple. Let the special pieces that you find from those budding designers speak for themselves!" - Anna Bateman, Business Development Manager

"Brand Assembly has definitely been a major source of inspiration for this shift in the way I shop. Being exposed to all different types of designers with amazing talent has opened my perspective on how I view fashion and personal style. For example, being around brands like Fred and Brockenbow has taught me the value of investing in a good pair of jeans. Also, Mestiza constantly gives me lessons on how to stand out at a cocktail party. The Square is a fun environment, and I try to dress in a way that reflects that. Off duty, my style is very dependent on my mood and what I am doing." - Laura Belmonte, Office Manager/Social Media Manager


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