Inside The Square: An Afternoon Of Beauty With The Ritualist

For more beauty and wellness inspiration, click  here  to revisit our feature with industry leader Leilani Bishop here at The Brand Assembly Square.

For more beauty and wellness inspiration, click here to revisit our feature with industry leader Leilani Bishop here at The Brand Assembly Square.

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of hosting beauty mavens (and as luck would have it, our neighbors!) The Ritualist here at The Brand Assembly Square. 

We were excited to join in the fun for their pop-up Peel Bar in their partnership with BeautyRx. Friends, colleagues, and designers indulged in complimentary peels for an afternoon of skin therapy. Event goers also got the chance to have one-on-one face time with BeautyRx skin therapists and The Ritualist team. We also caught up with The Ritualist founder Marta Plana Cros during the event. There, she kindly gave us a little more background on her relationship to beauty, her thoughts on The Brand Assembly Square, along with her skincare essentials that every emerging designer should have readily available. Check out the full interview below!

Please introduce yourself!

I’m an adventuress from Barcelona - always hungry for new experiences, new people, new countries, new ideas. I get bored easily so I need to keep myself entertained with challenges and competition. Anything from leaving a cushy job to start my own business, to taking a Pilates class 30 days in a row. At the same time, what I value the most are the simplest things: health, time well spent with family and friends, honesty, hard work, good wine, and a sunset in the Balears.

Tell us about The Ritualist. How do you think it caters specifically to the fashion community?

Fashion professionals lead fast-paced lifestyles and are constantly under pressure to create, to show, to innovate and to look good! It is especially important for them to have good wellness hygiene, including exercise, nutrition, meditation, and other beauty rituals. A professional skincare regimen should be a part of this program, and with The Ritualist, we make it very easy for them. For me, nothing looks better than good skin!

As a first time Brand Assembly Square visitor and collaborator what were your thoughts on the space?

We are neighbors! The Ritualist office is in the same building, although I have to admit I wish it looked as good as Brand Assembly, they’ve done such an amazing job with the space.

What are a few things you would recommend for those seeking out a co-working or collaborative space, and based on your experience how do you think Brand Assembly caters to those needs?

Contrary to what some people think, I believe it makes a lot of sense to cluster with other companies in the same industry. Opportunities arise, synergies are created, and you feel part of a community. I need to talk to Hillary about creating Beauty Assembly next!

As an industry expert in both fashion and beauty/wellness what essentials do you think every emerging fashion designer or professional should have readily available at their desk?

I always keep a pair of killer heels under my desk, usually from Gianvito Rossi. Stowaway Cosmetics are a must for touch ups - they don’t take up any space and have great quality. A scented candle  - I love Staycation from Snowe because I’m obsessed with tonka bean. I also have the cutest “care kit” from Capsule Pharmacy that is a life saver - anything from Vitamin C to bandages and hand sanitizer. You never know!

Why do you think it makes sense for fashion and beauty companies to be based in the Flatiron area?

Convenience! You can get anywhere in New York very fast, while the area is way more charming and creative than, let’s say, Midtown.

During your time at the Brand Assembly Square did you come across any fashion designers in the space that piqued your interest? Generally who are a few emerging designers that are on your radar?

I met Nora from Perfect Peach and her swimwear is stunning. I am also a big a fan of Sarah Magid - her jewelry pieces are my go-to when I have a special occasion.

What do you assemble daily?

Making time for myself! As a founder and a New Yorker, my to-do list never ends. It’s important to be disciplined about scheduling some me-time for both pampering and self-cultivation: exercising, taking a bath, reading a good book, checking out a new exhibition, or trying some new holistic treatment that will just make me feel good.

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