Inside The Square - Leslie O'Kelley On Finding Structure

Last month we had the pleasure of sitting down with rising talent Leslie O'Kelley of Bow&Arrow - which by the way, has become one of our favorite jewelry brands here at Brand Assembly.

During our visit, we chatted with the emerging jewelry designer about the importance of tradition, collaboration and craftsmanship. She also gave us tour of her incredibly well-furnished home/office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which fuels her creative process. Leslie is also a member here at The Brand Assembly Square, and with two contrasting spaces to work from we've been curious to know what role Leslie's environment plays when it comes to her day-to-day. In our follow up visit we asked Leslie to share her thoughts on finding the right co-working space, Brand Assembly's community of designers and how being at the Square has inspired her to establish a sense of structure. Read on for the full conversation below.

Please reintroduce yourself!

My name is Leslie and I'm the Creative Director of Bow&Arrow. I've been hustling hard and getting ready for my first market in September. 

As a designer who works from home and at the Square what would you say are the biggest benefits of having both of these spaces? How do you utilize each space specifically? 

My studio space at home offers the ultimate comfort zone because it's my home so I'm able to work whenever. The Square however, offers access to actual people which has been incredible just being around that type of energy.

How has being a Square member enhanced Bow&Arrow’s community? 

I've met so many influential people, especially just within the Square. I call Anna, "Anna my mentor" which sounds like Anna Wintour if you say it fast!

Have you discovered any other designers in the Square who have inspired your own personal style?

Definitely everyone, we are all so different so it's great to see everyone's take. That's the fun thing about fashion. I love when Hillary rocks her Bow&Arrow bolo tie!

How has being in the Square helped you with maintaining the business side of the brand?

The whole Brand Assembly team has been super generous in offering their help or advice when I need it. That in itself has been so invaluable to me. It's a community, you get what you put into it.

As a designer and business owner what are your top 3 desk essentials?

My laptop, my charger, and a journal. They are essential to my everyday business.

What do you hope to assemble daily when you're here at the Square?

I hope to be more structured. At home I'm able to wander too freely. I need some more structure in my life!

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