Laura Belmonte's Office Diary



Community is at the core of what we do here at Brand Assembly and we have been fortunate to assemble an amazing team of like-minded people. Among our talented staff is Laura Belmonte, who currently holds the position of Office Manager and Social Media Manager.

Laura's responsibilities focus primarily on cultivating a true sense of community, both online and off. With her lively personality and penchant for all things digital, Laura has brought a spirited approach to her work here at The Brand Assembly Square. When she's not greeting guests or organizing odds and ends around the office you'll find Laura planning posts and capturing moments for social media - which she says is one of her favorite parts of the job. Beyond that, Laura also contends that social media plays an essential role for emerging brands. As she explained during our recent catch up, "Social media can be the driving force of a business, especially for emerging designers. People spend most of their day on social media, so if you have great content you will develop a following."

Eager to learn more, we caught up with Laura during a calm moment at the Square to chat further about social media, contemporary fashion and what she hopes to assemble daily while on the job. Check out the full conversation below and follow her posts on social media @brandassembly!

Please introduce yourself! 

Hi, I’m Laura! I am very animated, extremely clumsy and I speak with my hands. I started as the Office Manager and Social Media Manager in June. Outside of Brand Assembly I love hanging out with my family, they are the most important people in my life. I grew up near the beach, so it is just a part of my DNA to love being in the ocean. I also love picking up new hobbies. A little while ago my friend and I taught ourselves how to crochet. It sounds so cheesy, but it’s really fun to do with a bottle of wine and a friend. It’s actually rewarding once you finish one, plus it makes a great gift! 

Talk to us about your career in fashion. How did you first connect with Brand Assembly and what’s been the most exciting thing about being a part of the team?

Fashion has been amazing to work in so far. I find that I am constantly asking questions about each process within the fashion industry. I was connected to Brand Assembly through our sister company Full Picture. While I was there I was working as an Office Assistant and helped on a social media account called Modelinia. 

Since joining Brand Assembly, I have been lucky enough to have great co-workers and Square members who have mentored me. They have all been gracious enough to include me in things outside of my job description. For example, my co-worker Anna and Nicole from Designer Network have let me be a fly on the wall during market appointments. Adam also makes sure he includes me in the planning process for events hosted here in the space. I feel it has been beneficial for me to be included in these processes so I can accurately portray the unique abilities of Brand Assembly on social media. 

From office management to social media upkeep what is your favorite part of the job? 

My role as the Office Manager is to maintain the office and the members within the space. One of my main goals is to try to keep our members and employees happy. My day will usually start by making sure we have enough snacks, supplies, etc. I also manage our shared calendar, greet buyers and other guests, accept packages and oversee the general presence of the Square. I love doing little things to keep people in the space happy. I know our members love lemon in their water, fruit in the morning, or chocolate around lunch, so I will make sure they are all set. It might be a minor part of my day but it is a contribution to the overall wellness of our community. 

Getting good content for social usually isn’t very hard here because something is always going on! As crazy as it can get at times that is probably one of my favorite parts of my job. I try to assemble a post 2-3 times a day. I design a calendar of posts each week but that ends up getting switched around almost every day. The content we post is honestly dependent on what is going on that week, as much as I would love to abide by my schedule. I love finding our brands featured in press, posting about all of our events, giving The Assemblist a social presence and dedicating posts to trade show participants and our brands. My posts are mainly inspired by our brands and also the dedication of Hillary, Alex and all of my co-workers.      

How would you describe Brand Assembly’s community and how do you think social media has helped to enhance it?

The Brand Assembly Square is such a unique and interesting concept that consists of so many layers. Social media has helped to give our followers an insider look at all of the things we do. Instagram Stories have also helped to provide a unique 360 degree look into the space that followers maybe have not been able to see before. 

With our recent June #SQries event in mind, what role does technology play in your job and how do you think it enables success for emerging designers?

I feel that technology has been an important component to exposing Brand Assembly to new brands. We meet every single week to discuss new and noteworthy followers that might be interesting to reach out to. We even found our two #SQries winners, who were awarded a month long library membership, through Instagram!

As a fashion/digital professional what are your industry tips for those looking to maximize their social media presence?

My number one tip would be that content is key. I know many major companies that aren’t willing to put in the time or make the budget to produce content. Social media can be the driving force of a business, especially for emerging designers. People spend most of their day on social media, so if you have great content you will develop a following. 

What designers in the Square are inspiring your style the most these days? If you had to craft your ultimate Fall look wearing only three Brand Assembly designers who would you choose and why?

If I had to produce a quintessential Fall look with three brands from Brand Assembly I would probably start with a Robert Rodriguez top and just about any one of the pants made by Brockenbow. Their pants are detailed with beading and embroidery and I am just obsessed! I would top the look off with a sweater by Brochu Walker. All of their collections are so cozy and that is an absolute must for my Fall style.

What do you hope to assemble daily in your role at Brand Assembly?

I hope to help Brand Assembly grow into a bigger and stronger force than it already is. I want to help build their social presence. I want to find really amazing designers who follow us on Instagram and I hope to introduce our community to new brands who are joining the Square.


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