Inside The Square - New York Market SS17 Moments

Even though we're now halfway through New York Market things are just getting started here at Brand Assembly.

The energy is buzzing and we're constantly inspired by what we're seeing from our designers here at The Brand Assembly Square. Aside from the usual happenings, we've also been busy with shoots, meetings and of course our prep for LA Market! Stay tuned for more and enjoy a few of these market moments below. Also visit our website to find out how you can become a Square member all year round.

From left to right: 1. Capturing the sartorial magic during an appointment. 2. The Big Quiet's Chantal Stafford-Abbott peruses Harare's collection. Revisit our #SQries Wellness Day recap and stay tuned for our upcoming story with Chantal here on The Assemblist. 3. A candid catch of two of our market tenants in conversation 4. Meeting scenes featuring our Square member Maggie Hansdorfer.

For more market moments be sure to follow the buyers, designers and members of the Brand Assembly team on social media at @brandassembly!