The Assemblist Letter 41 - Celebrating The Brand Assembly Square's 1st Birthday



The Brand Assembly Square has been a success beyond our expectations.

We knew that the concept of a curated and intimate shopping experience, as well as a co-working/co-showing space dedicated to fashion designers was going to appeal to brands and buyers alike, but what we didn’t anticipate was the magnitude of the sense of community that would come with it. While we could talk about the sold out markets and list of amazing stores that have visited us as our most memorable moments, perhaps one of the most meaningful moments was when we saw two of our members, reps for different brands, sitting at one of the communal tables planning a selling road trip together. In a competitive industry like ours, where brands are fighting for floor space and buying dollars, we have been able ignite a collaborative energy that fosters growth and success for our members... This is our biggest takeaway.

Ironically, Brand Assembly is probably the company that gets the most benefit from working for and with so many amazing Square members. Not only do we draw inspiration from their drive and creativity, but we get to listen and learn from the very community we are serving. For a service company to not only work for clients, but to also work WITH clients the benefits are immeasurable. On a personal level, what really inspires me is the relentless dedication and resolve, especially of the smaller companies or “army of one” as we call them, who put it all on the line for a chance at success. Knowing first-hand what all the obstacles are, it is incredibly humbling and heartwarming to see how hard these people work. We are honored to witness it and be part of it.

The Square is an extension of what we have been doing all along and in line with our mission to bridge the gap between small/medium designers and the market. The evolution comes from the fact that through the Square, more so than any other division of our company, we have been able to assemble a true fashion community. With our LA Square opening this October we are hoping to continue to grow the concept, and eventually expand it to other markets, where talented creative people will have a place to work and grow their business at an accelerated pace. The plan is also to include more professionals from more professions, but we are sensitive to the needs of our community and recognize that one solution does not fit all. As we contemplate expanding membership to other creative fields, we will look to provide offerings that cater specifically to their needs, but also leverage crossovers.

We are not looking to do anything different in LA. We even have the same exact sliding glass doors and lighting fixtures! If anything we will go out of our way to keep things the same, because we want our members to feel equally at home at any of our Squares. As we look to other domestic markets and even international Squares, we want to make sure that no matter what Square our members are based out of they feel that same sense of community and inclusive collaborative spirit that we want Brand Assembly to be synonymous with.

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly


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