Inside The Square - September 2016 Moments

With fashion month behind us we're setting our sights on sunny California for our upcoming October trade show and the launch of our Los Angeles Square!

But first we're sharing a few moments from this month in and around our New York office. Obviously the bulk of our September was dedicated to the needs of our amazing Square members and show tenants/goers. We also caught up with a few friends of Brand Assembly like the talented team behind Swords-Smith and the passionate founder behind the premiere contemporary sales and PR agency Magazine. Check out a few highlights from these meetings below and visit our website to find out how you can become a Square member all year round. 

From left to right: 1. The Big Quiet's Chantal Stafford-Abbott catches up with the STROM team during New York market. 2. A meeting comes to a close at one of the communal tables here in the space. 3. Our show tenants and designers on their way out for an appointment. 4. A behind-the-scenes moment from our recent shoot at Brooklyn-based boutique Swords-Smith.

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