The Assemblist Letter 42 - New York Market Notes

We had a great market! I still can’t believe it has been a year since we opened The Brand Assembly Square. We have definitely learned a lot…

The logistics of what we do during market is like clockwork. Buyers now fully understand the concept and are excited to see the new brands we offer and are extremely comfortable knowing they can consistently see some of their favorite brands at The Square each season. This season we had more accessories brands than ever and to me they were all standouts because they are all so different. Having more of these brands really made the space feel like a buyer could come in and buy everything they need in one showroom. Some of the brands we had showing were: Bow&Arrow Jewelry, Joey Wölffer Handbags, Pared Eyewear, Sara Magid Jewelry, Wild Horses Run Free and KYMA shoes.

It was great to see someone like Leslie from Bow&Arrow have such amazing success for her FIRST EVER wholesale market. So many buyers were interested in her story and the mission of Bow&Arrow, she would have been excited to just receive one order but she had such an amazing market with multiple orders pouring in. Additionally, now that we have been in business for a year, buyers are seeing some of these emerging brands season after season and are starting to recognize and take more interest in the brands knowing they have staying power in the market. So to see a brand get picked up by a store they have met multiple times but finally get that order is also very rewarding.

As far as other brands go, ÖHLIN/D looks amazing for Spring - some 70s inspired tennis knits and great denim pieces. Helfrich had some knit pants that definitely need to be in my closet. STROM also launched a more elevated capsule and I was totally drawn to some of their denim coats and trenches! Lastly, Harare had some amazing crochet dresses and crop tops that make me think of Havana Nights.

Looking ahead I am so excited for our LA show! We have a ton of our favorite brands returning, but we are also excited for some new brands we have showing for the first time. Some new brand highlights for me are: Silvae, Drifter, Burning Torch, Calder Blake, Frye Boots and more. Adam, our Show Assemblist, has put together an amazing theme for Spring '17 mixing old school Western movie influences and desert landscapes. Stay tuned!

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

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