Delfina Balda On Designing Modern Clothing



Delfina Baldassarre's distinct point of view as a designer has resonated with us here at Brand Assembly.

In fact, our co-founder and CEO Hillary France has mentioned the emerging designer on more than one occasion noting the brand as a go-to for comfort, style and sophisticated ease. Delfina's commitment to craftsmanship is also present in each collection - all of which boast garments with exaggerated silhouettes, quirky detailing and beautiful color palettes. 

With this in mind, we were excited to catch up with Delfina at her Brooklyn design studio to learn more about her journey as a fashion designer in New York, her design resolutions for 2017 and what she hopes to assemble daily in her next collections. Enjoy the interview below and visit The Style Line for an exclusive follow up to our chat.


Please introduce yourself!

My name is Delfina and I'm an Argentine designer living in NYC. I enjoy small things. It could be a good day at work, a snack in the afternoon, a deep conversation, a surprise, a joke, throwing my dog his ball, connecting with loved ones and strangers, pondering things I'm interested in and laughing! I value meaningful relationships. 

Tell us more about how your namesake brand fits into the contemporary market. What do you hope to provide the contemporary shopper with that she doesn’t have already?

I'm hoping to provide pieces that the Delfina Balda woman comes back to, and sees them more as garments that carry an idea with a durable construction and material, rather than something ephemeral.

With a nod to the storytelling aspect of the brand what advice can you offer to your peers who are looking to refine their own brand story?

Don't be scared of exploring your fantasy world and using it to give a more concrete form to what you are doing.

With the start of 2017 do you have any design resolutions for the year (or season) ahead? What can we expect to see in the coming months?

We will be showing a Resort '18 collection for the first time in June!

What do you assemble daily? 

We try to improve every aspect of the creative process and push for innovation but still remain truthful to the DNA.


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