The Assemblist Letter 53 - Hillary's 2017 Winter Staples

Anyone who knows me will agree that I probably wear a sweater every day during the winter months!

Nothing beats an amazing chunky ivory knit sweater, but in addition to this timeless staple here are a few winter essentials I'm loving from our brand community:

Go-to Brand Assembly designer for knitwear:

I definitely have a couple! Delfina Balda is perfect for some more dramatic knitwear pieces that are hand-knit. I love the craftsmanship that goes into each of their pieces. ÖHLIN/D is another one too. They are starting to make a name for themselves as a knitwear source… one of my favorite pieces is this mossy green cable sleeve sweater. It combines traditional knit patterns and an awesome unique color!

Go-to Brand Assembly designer that all contemporary shoppers should have:

I am really seeing an evolution with Silvae. I have been following her for a couple seasons now and each season it becomes more wearable and accessible, but still with a very sophisticated cool girl vibe. One of my favorite pieces from her this winter was this eyelash windowpane knit top.

A winter piece worth investing in from a Brand Assembly designer:

An amazing coat!! I love buying one amazing coat per winter season. This year it was a Nikki Chasin nubby wool ivory jacket! It is perfect to dress up or dress down and has such a unique texture!"

- Hillary France, co-founder and CEO of Brand Assembly

Illustrations by Magdalene Kan for The Assemblist

Who are your go-to designers for winter wear? Share it with us in a comment below or on social media at @brandassembly.