Inside The Square - Brand Assembly Designers Share Their Design Resolutions

From fashion to focus we're sharing responses from a few designers we've featured on The Assemblist who were kind enough to tell us their design resolutions for 2017. Find out what they hope to assemble daily this year and catch up on our studio visits with each of them to learn more about their respective brands!


"My design resolution for 2017 is focus, focus, focus. When I pick my theme for the season it's easy for me to get excited about a lot of aspects of that theme, and fall in love with a lot of different textiles and trims, and what I've learned over the years is that no matter how difficult it may be to cut out textiles and ideas that you've become creatively attached to, for the sake of the collection as a whole it's necessary. So that the end result is cohesive and makes sense as a whole." - Emily Saunders, SAUNDER


"Follow my instincts more, continue to work with artists who share the same intentions as I do (to help preserve culture and traditions) and have fun! This is most important to me. Without having fun with it what's the point? That's when I will move on to something else I think." - Leslie O'Kelley, Bow&Arrow


"For where mountains Meet, design in 2017 will be about staying true to ourselves and our core aesthetic principles. There will be no muss, no fuss, just supremely wearable, desirable wardrobe staples in signature prints and beautiful, easy textiles. We will be style-driven, not trend-driven -- designing pieces just as chic and relevant now as they will be in ten years." - Genevieve Saylak, where mountains Meet


"This year I really want to focus on ease. We are strong, busy women and our clothing shouldn't be fussy." - Whitney Pozgay, WHIT NY

"Our resolution for 2017 is to incorporate a wider range of source materials and expand production while staying true to our brand vision, 'Reuse, Rework, Upcycle.'"  - Yoshimi Radstrom, KABAN+


What are your fashion resolutions for 2017? Tell us in a comment below or let us know on social media @brandassembly!