Inside The Square - Brand Assembly Designers On Giving Pieces They Love

With the start of fashion month there's a lot to love this season when it comes to our brand community. So much in fact, we asked a few Brand Assembly designers in both New York and Los Angeles to share their recommendations on what pieces to give this Valentine's Day - and all season long! Read on for more and also revisit our interviews with each designer.

"Valentine's Day is not just for romantic love but a chance to show your friends and family that you love them too. A piece I am gifting a friend is our metallic Geometry Skirt. It is our belief that clothing should be fun as well as utilitarian and what is more fun than a metallic skirt? I hope that every time my friend wears this piece she feels as special as I do in it" - Wray Serna, WRAY collection

"I'm actually planning on giving my boyfriend our Moving Day Jacket from the Spring collection. It's rare that he wants something from the line (they are technically women's designs, after all) but he's really fallen for this one and I'm so excited to give it to him that I even let him test-drive the sample on a recent trip to California. The only problem is that we'll have to be careful to avoid twinning, because I want one of these cozy and protective (they're made from vintage cotton moving blankets!) jackets for myself too." - Kelsy Parkhouse, Carleen

"I would give the Brooke Jumper because it’s romantic yet sexy in all the right places. Not to mention it’s the color Valentine’s Day was made for!" - Maria Stanley

"I would give my Moretti Belted Robe Jacket to everyone I love - it's totally indulgent and makes you feel like you're lounging around without looking sloppy." - Nikki Chasin

"Love is like the wind, you can't see it... but you can feel it. Our new SS17 collection is inspired by the outdoors... running wild forever. In endless pastures of open fields and blue skies with wind blown hair being one with nature. Giving women freedom with comfort to move throughout their day as if they were one with the earth. Our white gaucho - which features light weight 10 oz denim in a stark white - is our favorite MUST have for any girl. Not only do I love the fit, I love where the inseam cuts at the ankle. It's a quirky sexy! Which describes a lot of who I am." - Stacia Harris, Penelope Piper Denim

"I made little split heart enamel pins and I've shared half hearts with my nearest and dearest but because I am so lucky to have so many nearest and dearest their halves are shared with each other instead of me, which is rather romantic I think." - Hannah Kristina Metz


What's one piece you're planning to give a friend this season? Tell us in a comment below or let us know on social media @brandassembly!