Louis Verdad On Constructing Contemporary Fashion



Veteran fashion designer Louis Verdad is assembling a new kind of contemporary brand where construction is key and comfort is always in style.

True to form, his namesake brand VERDAD boasts a variety of staple pieces with an eclectic take evidenced in his use of fun, eye-catching silhouettes and “elevated” materials. Coupling this with a hint of California cool (the brand is based and produced in Los Angeles) Louis is working diligently to design for women looking to infuse youthful sophistication into their everyday wardrobe. In fact, this statement from our interview with Louis says all: “Learning how the fabrics speak to you is another part of the process that I find really enchanting.”

When we visited the designer at his LA studio it became clear that Louis is definitely no stranger to learning the language of fashion design. Read on to learn more from our chat with the acclaimed designer who shared more on what he hopes to assemble daily in this next chapter (and also enjoy a second part of our interview on The Style Line).


Please introduce yourself!

I'm Louis, an Aquarius, inventive and anxious. I love life and its opportunities and have a very soft spot for animals.

Give us an overview of your career in fashion. What would you say has consistently been your driving source of inspiration throughout your many endeavors?

Consistency, tenacity and my love for '40s fashion. Construction for me is a fascinating part of the creative process. Learning how the fabrics speak to you is another part of the process that I find really enchanting.

While brand evolution is a given, what advice can you offer to fellow contemporary designers who may be looking to find their core point of view as a designer?

Gather and surround yourself with a team of people who get and love what you are all about so you can push in the same direction and hold up a brand with a right and cohesive message. 

How has being part of the Brand Assembly community furthered VERDAD and how do you plan to leverage your involvement on a local level?

Brand Assembly has provided us with the right exposure, along with brands who are equally respected in the industry. This has allowed us to open new doors to showcase our product.

With VERDAD’s penchant for denim in mind, what excites you the most about working with this material and what have been some interesting discoveries? 

Interesting mixes of fabrics and textures is a way to explore the new way of fashion and using denim as "elevated denim" was a challenge where I discovered that denim can be adopted to be so chic, fresh, and high fashion without having to be so "dressed down" as usual. 

What do you assemble daily? 

As part of a commitment to our customers we strive daily to assemble in our product the right style, comfort, and impeccable construction that will set us apart in this competitive world of fashion.

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