What You Need to Know About Cold Calling



The dreaded cold call is, unfortunately, a necessary evil of any sales-based industry. There's nothing worse than putting yourself out there only to be shot down in the first ten seconds. Lucky for you, our Director of Business Development, Casey, is a cold calling genius. We've compiled Casey's top tips for making even the coldest call a little warmer so you can tackle any conversation and make those connections!

1. Don't be discouraged by a "no"

    Staying positive is essential when you're slogging through hundreds of calls in a short time span. Casey's tip: "Be     optimistic that every conversation is going be something good. If it's not, then you just continue to keep going.       Never let yourself feel down!"


2. Always walk in with confidence

     Even over the phone, it's easy to tell when someone's unsure of herself. Casey's tip: "Speak clearly and slow it          down! It's easier to trip over your words if you're going a mile a minute. Take your time and get your pitch out        as eloquently as possible."


3. Know who you're looking for

     Nothing turns something off as quickly as someone calling for "your buyer" or "whoever's in charge of sales."          Casey's tip: "Always have a name if you can. This tells whoever you're calling that you took the time to research      their company and find the correct contact information."

4. Be prepared to get one positive response for every 30 or 40 calls

     Going into the call with realistic expectations helps ease the hurt of rejection and keep you going! Casey's tip:        "Don't focus too much on your ratio. If you only get one 'yes' out of one hundred conversations, but it's an              important client or buyer, that means more than fifty positive responses from anyone else."


5. Don't be afraid to go back

     The phrase "fall down seven, stand up eight" might as well have been written about the cold call process.                Casey's tip: "The first contact gets you in the door, but it's the follow up that puts you at the forefront of that          person's mind. There's a balance between following up and harassing someone, but you should by all means          touch base after your initial outreach."


6. Be friendly

     This seems like a no-brainer, but it's one of the most important things to remember when reaching out to anyone! Casey's tip: "Every impression you leave is a lasting one. It's not difficult to be kind and leave them          with a good opinion of you, even if they're not buying what you're selling. This is a small industry and                    reputations - both good and bad - get around."